About Legend Tech DIMEZE™

After more than a decade of collaborated effort for continuous improvement made by many LED lighting industry players, LED lighting has secured its position as the new dominant light source in this round of the lighting evolution.

Since Lighting is so closely related to everyone, to move towards a wider LED lighting adoption, the LED lighting industry must address one of the most common requests from the general users, which is to have the Reliable, Simple & Affordable LED Dimming Control. As a matter of fact, this is the problem that we'd like to solve for our customers.

Among these three requirements, focus on Simplicity is perhaps the key differentiator of our design versus others in the market. Rather than presenting a lighting solution that adds-on to existing electrical installation, our focus is in Retrofit scenario, where we can (or are only allowed to) replace existing components with our products that allow the use of existing wiring and or accessories. The Backward Compatibility of the New Generation LED Phase Dimmer is critical for Building Services industry since it allows simple replacement from the Wall Light Switch that makes Reliable LED dimming become feasible without heavy initial investment.

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With the support of a strong Export-Driven ODM based in Hong Kong, DIMEZE™ (pronounced Dim-Easy) is created as an Own Brand to address Energy Saving & Energy Efficiency technologies & to deliver the Power Electronics products since 2015. With over 300,000 units of Digital LED Phase Dimmers shipped prior to the own brand creation, we’ve gained the proven technology and manufacturing capability to support the LED Dimming market needs. To unify our marketing resources, we’d promote as Legend Tech brand or Legend Tech DIMEZE™ products in 2017!

Legend Tech has been utilizing strong technical support as our market engagement tools to develop the desired products with our goal of being a Highly Efficient Energy Saving Specialist. By establishing our own channel for communicating the end-user & customer’s needs with the R&D and backend support, the involvement facilitates our Continuous Product Innovation.

Unlike many suppliers, in our brand & product development process, Legend Tech has the business strategy to develop Close Partnership with Other Quality Suppliers to deliver Total Solution Offers. Regarding promoting LED dimming applications, Legend Tech takes the approach to explain the LED dimming technologies to the general public and the professionals by sharing own generated content.

Since 2015, our own brand products have been using in Private Sector, including Residential & Restaurant, Grade A Office, Building Facility & in Public Sector, such as, Tseung Kwan O Hospital under the Hong Kong Hospital Authority (See our "Job Reference"). We look forward to roll out new products to fulfil the market demand for more energy saving & energy efficient product solution & to contribute ourselves in the face of severe climate change environment in the new century.