Hybrid Mode (Wall Plate Control / Mobile APP ) Dynamic Lighting Control

After the development of our Dynamic Lighting Controllers, the associated Tune-able White Lighting Fixtures and Aluminium Alloy Faceplates, it's time for us to explore how these newly available devices can be put together to come up with some interesting n...

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Modified Software for DZ3G450DIAL & New Product Development Status

With the new technologies gained from our Dynamic Lighting Controller development, we took the time to modify our existing DZ3G450DIAL Phase Dimming Core to upgrade the product performance, particularly to address the Inrush Current Control to make the devices...

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Product Page & Company Page Update

It has been a long while for us to update our Product page, which has now reflected what we've been working on over the past 12+ months! It's always exciting to see everything coming together from the very beginning when few Enginee...

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Own Faceplate Release

Originated from our new product development project to provide a total solution for our Tuneable White offers, we’re pleased to update our prospects and customers that we’ve finally released the associated faceplates to enhance our product portfoli...

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