New Website Content

From our communication with different field experts in the Building Industry, we’ve captured some of the most interested and concerned topics from various target audience. We’re in the process of developing new content for our Website to address th...

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Demo Video to Show Differences between TRIAC Dimmer and Digital LED Dimmer Now Available

TRIAC dimmers are designed for Incandescent and Halogen bulbs, using them for LED dimming have proven to be problematic as experienced by many installers. This video presents the issues with TRIAC dimmers and shows why they’re really not suitable for the...

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LED Dimming Technology Handout (Chinese Language)

From our customer engagement in the last few months, we've summarized some of the most concerned topics regarding phase dimming from our customers (e.g. What's the difference between a TRIAC dimmer and Digital LED dimmer?). We've also written and p...

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DIMEZE™ Evaluation Kit Ver 3.0 Now Available

DIMEZE™ Evaluation Kit Ver 3.0 is now available. Contact our sales representatives for details.

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