LED Dimming Technology Handout (Chinese Language)

From our customer engagement in the last few months, we've summarized some of the most concerned topics regarding phase dimming from our customers (e.g. What's the difference between a TRIAC dimmer and Digital LED dimmer?). We've also written and p...

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DIMEZE™ Evaluation Kit Ver 3.0 Now Available

DIMEZE™ Evaluation Kit Ver 3.0 is now available. Contact our sales representatives for details.

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Fitting DIMEZE™ Modules to Wall Plates

DIMEZE™ modules fit into Schneider-Clipsal E30-series (23.0 mm x 23.0 mm) and its compatible wall plates. Below photos show how to remove the TV module from an existing wall plate and insert back out USB Power Adaptor module.    

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DIMEZE™ Fast Tester Now Available for Mock-up

DIMEZE™ Fast Tester is now available for customers' mock-up purpose. See how it works in the Demo Video section and contact us.

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