Tunable White LED Track Light Application Video

[ Update ] Tune-able White 3-Phase Track Light Fixture Info here The past few weeks had been a challenging yet fruitful experience for us. On one hand, we completed the pilot production of our dynamic lighting offers. On the other hand, for a l...

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Color Temperature Controller Ready & Tunable White Track Light (Bypass Mode)

[ Update / Sept 16, 2019 ]   Tune-able White 3-Phase Track Light Fixture Info here See how it works  here With the tremendous team effort, we’re pleased to share to our customers that our Color Temperature Controller (M...

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Dynamic Lighting Wall Plate & Tunable White Track Light

Wall Plate Design As we continue to fine-tune our Dynamic Lighting Controllers before the Lunar New Year, we’re also working on our own wall plate in parallel, so that we can launch the solutions successfully in Q1 2019.  Below photos show one of o...

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DZ2G300TUNE Dynamic Lighting Controller Prototype Completed!

After 10 months of preparation and back-and-forth interaction with our customers, we’re pleased to update that the DZ2G300TUNE prototype is now ready!  The 2nd version of our Dynamic Lighting Control project has embedded with our Phase Dimmer into ...

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