Own Faceplate Release

Originated from our new product development project to provide a total solution for our Tuneable White offers, we’re pleased to update our prospects and customers that we’ve finally released the associated faceplates to enhance our product portfoli...

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Dynamic Lighting Control @ Sotheby’s (Hong Kong)

For a product developer, it’s always great excitement to witness our products being applied in the field and to receive positive comment from the clientele. After the recent installation, it’s a pleasure to host a product introduction to the Sotheb...

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Dynamic Lighting Application Video / Push Button Interface

In this video, we've uploaded an introduction video of our 2nd interface of our dynamic lighting controller, which is a Push-Button interface. With this interface, a user can adjust the intensity and color temperature of the tunable white lighting fixture(...

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DZ2G300TUNE Controller @ Deep Water Bay, Hong Kong

As we have been sharing in our company news update for a long period of time that we had been searching for a new approach to enrich our portfolio with a flexible and comprehensive portfolio so that customers would be easier to utilize our core technology...

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