Dynamic Lighting Application Video / Push Button Interface

In this video, we've uploaded an introduction video of our 2nd interface of our dynamic lighting controller, which is a Push-Button interface. With this interface, a user can adjust the intensity and color temperature of the tunable white lighting fixture(...

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Dynamic Lighting Application Video / Toggle Switch Interface

After our tuneable white track light application video, another application video of our new dynamic lighting controller (DZ2G300TUNE) was uploaded to share our new modular approach for both LED dimming and dynamic lighting applications.   In this...

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Tunable White LED Track Light Application Video

The past few weeks had been a challenging yet fruitful experience for us. On one hand, we completed the pilot production of our dynamic lighting offers. On the other hand, for a local project, we needed to assist our customer working out the dimmable driver se...

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Color Temperature Controller Ready & Tunable White Track Light (Bypass Mode)

With the tremendous team effort, we’re pleased to share to our customers that our Color Temperature Controller (Model # DZ1G300TUNE) is finally ready to market now. Coming up, our Dynamic Lighting Controller (Model # DZ2G300TUNE) and the associated ...

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