DZ2G300TUNE Controller @ Deep Water Bay, Hong Kong

As we have been sharing in our company news update for a long period of time that we had been searching for a new approach to enrich our portfolio with a flexible and comprehensive portfolio so that customers would be easier to utilize our core technology. After much effort, we're glad to have found and completed a major portfolio expansion with our dynamic lighting / LED dimming controller, our tuneable white lighting fixtures and also our aluminum alloy faceplates!

During the repetitive process, we're glad to be able to participate and learn from a solid project opportunity and to be able to engage with a heavyweight customer in the high-end merchandise display industry in parallel to discuss what they need, which gives very effective feedback to our R&D effort. Besides our Colour Temperature Controller (DZ1G300TUNE) that works with our existing portfolio, which has also been successfully implemented as our Tuneable White Track Light Solution. Our Toggle-Switch Interface / Push-Button interface of our DZ2G300TUNE controller had also been installed successfully in a local residential project for virtually dimming all the LED / Tungsten light sources in the house.

Project in Early Stage


In this project, there are multiple types and brands of LED fixtures and we needed to select the compatible dimmable drivers for each one of them. Some of the lights are very low power, but the serial connection with multiple lights on a single driver is virtually impossible unless tearing down the false ceiling and completely revamping the wiring plan.

Installing our DZ2G300TUNE Controller


In order to be backward compatible with the wiring done in the house, we also modified our software from a toggle switch interface to a push-button interface, which indirectly enhances our solution offers.

SORAA® ARC Downlights in Different Locations


Additional to providing our new dimming controllers, we’re also glad to assist the team to select and supply the LED dimmable drivers for the many different fixtures that may not have integrated with dimmable drivers or require external dimmable drivers. We're glad to see that our earlier effort to prepare the LED Dimmable Driver Selection application notes also paid-off well in this project.

Warm Dimming


Warm dimming is a simple solution to provide a different lighting effect with the same lighting fixture. Not limited to F&B application, warm dimming is great in creating a comfortable environment at home. 

Project Completion


Although there has been some pressure to race around the clock against the tight project timeline, it’s really fun to work with the Architect, Contractor, Lighting supplier and Electrician from not knowing where to begin with, to solving various problems, presenting our dimming solution to the Flat Owner together on-site, to project completion in the last 2 months. It's great for everyone to be satisfied with the result and to feel the pleasure to be part of the team! 

Thank you, team.