Dynamic Lighting Application Video / Push Button Interface

In this video, we've uploaded an introduction video of our 2nd interface of our dynamic lighting controller, which is a Push-Button interface. With this interface, a user can adjust the intensity and color temperature of the tunable white lighting fixture(s) directly from the wall plate using a pair of low voltage push-buttons. We've also shown more aluminum alloy faceplate designs that we've worked on.

The device operation of our push-button interface is basically the same as our Gen 4 Two-Way Phase Dimmer, DZ4G450MULT, which also has a single push-button for light on/off, dim up/down, pre-set high/low-intensity level swap. Additional to the intensity adjustment, this controller supports the same operations also with color temperature adjustment (the tunable white color temperature range is subject to the actual lighting fixture used). 

As this controller also supports customization of Minimum-Intensity Level and Preferred Warm White/Cool White color temperature values. This video also showed how these settings can be altered using the push-buttons.