Dynamic Lighting Control @ Sotheby’s (Hong Kong)

For a product developer, it’s always great excitement to witness our products being applied in the field and to receive positive comment from the clientele. After the recent installation, it’s a pleasure to host a product introduction to the Sotheby’s Diamonds (Hong Kong) team to explain our DZ2G300TUNE solution and to demonstrate how our Dynamic Lighting solution can assist their work. 

Our DZ2G300TUNE Tune-able White solution lets the users create high-quality dynamic lighting effects via a pair of light switches. The solid aluminum alloy switch plates shown are our own design and are connected to our DZ2G300TUNE controllers in the ceiling and our Tune-able White lighting fixtures (not shown to protect customer’s privacy) for Overhead Lighting


At the same time, our other solution, DZ1G300TUNE that has a dual rotary button interface will also be adopted for interior Diamonds Showcase in the S | 2 gallery! The experience to engage with the famous international auction house and for them to accept our solutions in their diamonds related business has closely tied our product development with a key market player in the field. The experience and relationship would certainly fuel our future product development.

On Tune-able White Application
Since Warm Dimming is a near neighbor to Tune-able White application, we tried to illustrate their differences in the following chart:

  • Warm Dimming (aka Dim-to-Warm) is a type of dimming application that color temperature value can be considered as a function of brightness intensity; the changes always occur along a predefined dimming curve. Warm Dimming is simple to use and only requires a Dim-to-Warm LED fixture, dimmable driver and a phase dimmer. Typical CCT range for Warm Dimming is 3000K - 1800K.
  • In Tune-able White application, the users can adjust the light over a wide range of brightness intensity and color temperature. Unlike Warm Dimming, there is no compromising the brightness level during the change of the color temperature value. This gives great flexibility to obtain completely different lighting effects from the same lighting fixture for different lighting requirements. Typical CCT range for Tune-able White is 6500K - 2700K (or 4000K - 1800K suggested for F&B application).

In a nutshell, besides brightness intensity & color temperature control, our DZ2G300TUNE solution also allows users to quickly access and save the Power 2, CCT 1, CCT 2 values for their own use & do so with only a pair of light switches. See our application video.