Own Faceplate Release

Originated from our new product development project to provide a total solution for our Tuneable White offers, we’re pleased to update our prospects and customers that we’ve finally released the associated faceplates to enhance our product portfolio. We’re now able to provide faceplate, controller/dimmer, driver and lighting fixtures, a complete solution to our customers!

Faceplates for Tuneable White Solution
Based on our customer feedback on our earlier faceplate design, we’re pleased that the faceplate with no frontal mounting screws (black plate in below photo) has been completed. Therefore, we now have two types of own design solid aluminum alloy faceplate to support our customers.

Faceplates for Existing Modular Products
Perhaps with immediate interest from our customers, we’ve also worked out our new faceplate for fitting our existing modular products. The support of faceplates associated with our existing modular business has always been lacking and has been an overdue item for our local market engagement. We’ve been diverting our customers for the support of the faceplates from other manufacturers, unfortunately, who may not be interested in keeping their plates with the modern design. 

From the installation perspective, our modular products cannot be easily removed and sometimes damaged once it is inserted into the plastic faceplates. To address this and in order to provide a consistent solution for all our modular products, we’ve also done our twist to offer our own new aluminum alloy faceplate for all our products that needs a 23 x 23mm aperture. This includes our LED phase dimmer, 1-10V controller and 2.1A USB power adaptors. This new 2-gang plate design can also be applied to one of our Tuneable White solutions, DZ1G300TUNE controller that is based on our modular products (DZ3G450DIAL and DZ1G1TEN) as well.

In summary, we’re now able to provide a wide range of faceplate selections with different design and finishing. 
  • Type: Existing Modular Fit, Dual Channel Toggle Switch, Dual Channel Push Button
  • Design: Screws-on-front vs. No Visible Screws on-front
  • Color:    Champagne Gold, Silver, Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow
All the combinations have been worked out and interested customers may contact us for order inquiry.