Product Page & Company Page Update

It has been a long while for us to update our Product page, which has now reflected what we've been working on over the past 12+ months! It's always exciting to see everything coming together from the very beginning when few Engineers and a Marketer started the discussion in the lab for doing a new type of Tune-able White LED Lighting offers

Since then, we had been sharing our prototypes with local and overseas potential customers to collect their feedback on the product applications. The pilot field installation actually required a software change in order to make it possible to install our controller when the whole house's wiring had been completed; this in turn gives the DZ2G300TUNE_PUSH version. It's a solid team effort and unforgettable experience, happy and sometimes not so happy, to reach the point of launching a new product series to market. 

Step-by-step, our Tune-able White solution started to take shape and emerged into our DZ1G300TUNE, DZ2G300TUNE_TOGG and DZ2G300TUNE_PUSH solutions. Towards the end of our Controller development, we started our associated LED Lighting Fixtures and Solid Aluminum Alloy faceplate development. Similarly, after presenting our faceplate prototypes to our prospects, we received several inquiries about doing a different faceplate design that has no visible mounting screws on the front. Thus, we modified the design into another modern-looking faceplate. At the same time, we also developed the faceplate that's backward compatible with our existing modular dimmer and controller offers to enhance our portfolio. 

It's good to receive market feedback early, so that we are more prepared for different customers' needs in the future. Furthermore, it's great to receive good interest in our Tune-able White 3-Phase Track Light solution and we've already picked-up some inquiries on this solution. In the future, we hope we can continue to develop something practical and easy-to-use. Besides what've already updated in our Product page, further LED Lighting fixtures development (Tune-able & Dimmable) is still going-on and shall be updated when available.

See our New Product Portfolio here !