Modified Software for DZ3G450DIAL & New Product Development Status

With the new technologies gained from our Dynamic Lighting Controller development, we took the time to modify our existing DZ3G450DIAL Phase Dimming Core to upgrade the product performance, particularly to address the Inrush Current Control to make the devices more robust.

To test the new DZ3G450DIAL dimming core, we tested our modified software using an OSRAM 12V Electronic Transformer and a SORAA® VIVID LED MR16 Lamp. To our surprise, a significant improvement in the dimming compatibility has been found even with the low-cost Electronic Transformer! More tests shall be arranged shortly for a thorough understanding of the overall dimming performance with this and few other Electronic Transformers commonly used with SORAA® LED lamps.


Shown in the photos above is one of our earlier CNC faceplate designs, which has installed with our DZ3G450DIAL and a single On/Off switch. More interestingly, we’ve spent further efforts in designing our Solid Aluminum Alloy CNC Faceplates to cover more designs & more applications. 

In terms of our Tune-able White Lighting Fixture Development,  with further inputs from our valuable customers, we’re in the process of optimizing the product features. More details will be shared once available.

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