Hybrid Mode (Wall Plate Control + Mobile APP ) Dynamic Lighting Control

After the development of our Dynamic Lighting Controllers, the associated Tune-able White Lighting Fixtures and Solid Aluminium Alloy Wall Plates, it's time for us to explore how these newly available devices can be put together to come up with some interesting new solutions.

Unlike the DZ2G300TUNE controller, which is a Fully Functional Dynamic Lighting Controller that works independently, DZ1G300TUNE is an MVP design and it's meant to be used with other devices to fulfill different Dynamic Lighting applications' requirements.

Here, we'd introduce our Hybrid Mode Dynamic Lighting Control Solution that's based on DZ1G300TUNE and CASAMBI BLE module. We call this a Hybrid Mode solution as it enables Dynamic Lighting control both from the wall plate and from a Mobile APP etc.

Basic Dimming Configure
Customer/prospects may recognize our standard rotary dimmer and an on/off switch from the wall plate shown. If a dimmable LED fixture has been installed, the Electrician can simply add a DZ3G450DIAL (Rotary LED Dimmer) to the line to finish the dimming control installation. In terms of our wall plate support, since our new aluminum alloy wall plate design is friendly for mounting/dismounting the modular products, customers can easily select our 1-gang / 2-gang / 4-gang wall plates suitable for the different dimming control units (DZ4G450MULT  or DZ1G1TEN, etc.) and the required # of channels. Like any dimming application, users can adjust the Brightness of the Tune-able White LED Fixture from the wall plate directly


On-Demand Upgrade from Dimming-only to Dynamic Lighting Control 
What's new here is that users can also adjust the color temperature of the Tune-able White fixture from the Mobile APP. And users may do so with a minor variation of the already installed LED dimmers and the dimmable drivers, meaning that it's possible to add the new feature after. 

In other words, on a daily basis, users can only adjust the brightness of the light fixture. If it's desired to change the CCT value, the users can use the Mobile APP to control the BLE module already paired. This solution can be good for users, who do not need to change the CCT frequently or for some reason, do not wish the CCT value to be changed by any unauthorized persons. 


Tune-able White Lighting Fixture Support
As for the Tune-able White lighting fixtures availability, we can provide either 6500K–2700K or 4000K–1800K Colour Temperature range High CRI performance fixtures to address different needs. Since our design is based on External LED Drivers, users can have great flexibility in terms of selecting their fixtures. Also, the external LED driver approach makes it easy for maintenance support. 

We believe this kind of Hybrid Mode Solution that allows On Demand Upgrade from Simple Dimming to Dynamic Lighting can help those customers, who are looking for a balance of Physical Button and Mobile APP Control.
For Further Study of Different Devices
  • Wall Plate / DZ3G450DIAL (x1), On/Off (x1), LCNC-MODF-2G-BK (x1)
  • Tune-able White Linear Light Bar / LTML-6527-5X1-C09-15D_BK (x2)
  • Color Temperature Controller / DZ1G300TUNE (x1)
  • BLE Module / CBU-ASD (x1) 
  • Phase Dimmable LED Driver (Non BLE Ready) / MP_28W/600mA (x2)