Dynamic Lighting & LED Dimming Control Product Solutions Brochures

[Feb 27, 2020: Traditional Chinese Version of Different Brochures added.]

After our last update on the Hybrid Control for Dynamic Lighting Control, we've consolidated the relevant product material & customer experience into relevant product brochures to set the stage of our future total solution business approach.

Dynamic Lighting Control with Dual Switch Interface

  • This product solution brief ( EN Ver. ) / ( CN Ver. ) introduces our DZ2G300TUNE solution, which provides color temperature & brightness control via a simple user interface. Out of the product development process across mid-2018 – 2019, we've developed an extensive range of solid aluminum alloy wall plates (LCNC-TG01, LCNC-TG02, LCNC-TG03LCNC-PB01, LCNC-PB02 seriesfor customers' selection. We've also updated the Tune-able White Downlight (LTAD series), Light Bars (LTML series& Dual Color LED Strips  (LTLS seriesthat are already available for project support.


Colour Temperature Control with DZ1G300TUNE

  • This product solution brief EN Ver. ) / ( CN Ver. ) introduces our DZ1G300TUNE solution. By using a standalone color temperature controller, great flexibility for Dynamic Lighting control can be gained when it is used with other devices. Out of this solution, we've worked out the Tune-able White Track Lights (LTAC series) that are Directly Applicable to Legacy Systems (for Halogen & Incandescent Dimming).
  • Furthermore, this approach also allows Mobile APP Integration opportunity that allows users to adjust the Dynamic Lighting effects both from the Wall Plate & using a Mobile Phone Application (Mobile APP). This opens the door for a Hybrid Mode of Dynamic Lighting approach most suitable for Retrofit installation, where new installation must be based on existing wiring. Faceplates shown in the brochure are our LCNC-MODF series (black color).

LED Dimming Control with DZ4G450MULT, DZ3G450DIAL & DZ1G1TEN

  • This product solution brief EN Ver. ) / ( CN Ver. ) provides an update of our LED Dimming Control Units (DZ4G450MULT, DZ3G450DIAL & DZ1G1TEN), most importantly about our 1-g / 2-g / 4-gang solid aluminum alloy wall plates (also suitable for our USB Power Adaptor, DZ1G2.1USB) to deliver our wall plate installation solutions. Faceplates shown in the brochure are our LCNC-MODF series (silver & dark grey color).