Hybrid Dynamic Lighting Control with DZ4G450MULT

So far, we've shown different Hybrid Mode Dynamic Lighting Control Implementations based on our DZ3G450DIAL. In fact, besides the rotary button interface, another possibility is to apply the DZ4G450MULT for brightness control. As a standalone Colour Temperature Controller, the DZ1G300TUNE can be used with either DZ3G450DIAL or D4G450MULT, which gives the possibility for users to choose their preferred interface: Rotary or Push Button. 


Shown here is the DZ4G450MULT LED Dimmer installed on our single-gang wall plate (LCNC-MODF-1G-DG). Prospects can see that DZ3G450DIAL-plus-On/Off (2-gang) is replaced by a single DZ4G450MULT dimmer switch, which same functionality by a single push button. This would be the same as it would be in a regular dimmable configure.

To upgrade the configuration as a Dynamic Lighting solution, although not shown here, prospects may have guessed that Mobile Application can be integrated for Colour Temperature Control, giving the Dynamic Lighting effect using the LTAD-4018-T09-24D_WT (7W, 4000K – 1800K with CRI 95).

It's worth mention that since the DZ4G450MULT supports Multi-Locations Dimming Operation & that since the Colour Temperature Controller can be added after the LED Dimmer Installation, further capability can be added at specific locations on demand to keep the consistency in design.