COVID-19 Market Situation Update

Especially in the current market situation, it is important to have our regular visit to retail partners to understand first hand about the local business dynamics. It is encouraging to hear the business momentum has picked-up slightly since April, which coincides with the situation from our Public Hospital Contractor customers. 
Since our Dynamic Lighting project development, we have been expanding into relevant LED lighting product development to provide comprehensive support to customers for quality LED lighting applications. In the past few months, we have been catching up on the marketing materials and slowly working on a new product brochure to incorporate with our latest offers. Besides our Standard LED Dimming Control Units and our Dynamic Lighting Offers, we have been working with our customers on our Halogen Replacement Track Lights and Framing Projectors for Art Museum applications, which we will be able to disclose further, hopefully when the market situation continues to improve towards the 2nd half of 2020.

As for our Dynamic Lighting marketing, our DZ1G300TUNE solution had been installed at our retail partner's shop for a while. Shown here on the false ceiling is the LTAD-4018-T18-24D_WT (20W Adjustable Recessed Downlight with 4000K – 1800K, CRI 90 - 95), which is controlled by the DZ3G450DIAL (450W Phase LED Dimmer) and DZ1G1TEN (1-10V Controller) are mounted on a white wall plate (desktop). 


From the retail discussion, we can have a better understanding of questions from a wider customer base, which helps our positioning steering and future preparation. Interested prospects are encouraged to visit our partner's shop to explore the solution.


Retail Partner Location
  • Yuen Hing Electrical Co. Ltd. | G/F, No. 12 Wood Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong