Aésop (Hong Kong) Office Job Reference Share

Every brand has its own character and the brand philosophy it represents. Although we have only been there for a short period of time, we can feel the openness, fun working environment, and the desire-for-natural atmosphere in the Aésop Hong Kong office @ Central.

Shortly after the new office had been populated, Legend Tech was invited for a field visit to identify how to solve various LED phase dimming problems in the office. Almost all the lights in the office are phase-dimmable but matched with different dimmers that ended up with flickering or flashing with the downlights (GU10 & MR16) or even humming sound from the dimmers. The retrofit features of the DZ2G450DIAL are good for direct replacement and Electricians were only required to either replace the dimmer switch or the dimmable light bulbs, which greatly simplifies the job. In some locations, we even suggested another export-driven local brand GU10 products for installation.  

For this project opportunity, we'd like to thank for the lighting consultant (LIGHTSWITCH) for introducing us to the opportunity, contractor (EDM Construction (Asia Pacific) Ltd.) for facilitating the installation and coordination and for the Aésop Hong Kong office colleagues for adopting our product solution.

[Below] A Meeting Room with Dimmable Lighting & Dimmer Wall Panel in the room.


[Below left] Dimmers for the Main Working Area (Five of those with blue LEDs are DZ2G450DIAL).

[Below right] Use DZ2G450DIAL for Direct Replacement of the 32V 500 series to match with the Dimmable LED MR16 bulbs in the corridor.