Recent Office Dimming Projects Share

Working on a new project with a repeat customer always helps our customer better understand our capability. Located in one of the landmark buildings in Kwun Tong, the customer has selected a LED Downlight Fixture pre-installed with a Non-Dimmable LED Driver as part of his New Office Lighting.

Benefited from our previous preparation for our application notes regarding LED Dimmable Driver Selection, we presented a couple of LED Dimmable Driver options for the customer, so the customer can feel more confident of the overall Lighting Effects prior to the installation. In the case, the Mean Well Phase Dimmable LED Driver series (PCD series) has been installed with our DZ3G450DIAL for the job.



With the preparation, the installation works become straight-forward and the whole installation has been completed easily. Looking forward to more new project opportunities with the customer soon!

In another Office and High-end Private Viewing Showroom project in Central area, our DZ4G450MULT and DZ1G1TEN are used to control the various lighting from the Corridor to Showroom.