LED Dimming Product Selection

Similar to the HOME Button of Smart Phones, our Gen 4 Multi-Way LED Phase Dimmers, DZ4G450MULT (left) allows all Deep Dimming, Light On/Off, Scene-Setting features realized by a Single Control Button. Not only can be used individually, the DZ4G450MULT Dimmers can be Connected Together to Form a Loop that Can be Operated with a Single Live-wire for Controlling the Same Set of Lighting Fixtures at Multiple Locations. Without the Use of SPDT switches, this allows more than a single dimmer to be installed per Live-connection, which is the Biggest Difference with the Traditional Two-Way Wiring Approach! As a result, DZ4G450MULT allows End-users to Control the Light Easily at Different Locations and Installers to Largely Simplify their Installation Procedures.

Assuming that you’re doing product research for your dimming projects, facing the handful of LED Dimming Devices available in market, ranging from Dimming Control System, Mobile Control, Remote Control and Standard Wall Dimmers , & further comparison of the Brands and Model Numbers certainly represent a heavy workload. To reduce the time spend, our suggestion is to consider the following aspects to identify the type of control desired and further filter it by understanding the associated resources for implementation.

    Depending on the Desired Lighting Control Complexity, standalone or control system should be selected per their own unique advantages. Standalone Dimmers are usually good for Simple and Small Area Lighting Control, while Control Systems are usually good for Complicated Projects or beyond basic lighting control and into Automation applications. Typical examples for standalone applications include Residential, Restaurant, Office, Retail, Hospital etc. These are suggested for Limited Budget and Simple-to-Install.

    Maintenance Support is the real consideration when choosing a system since different vendors’ systems are usually not compatible to each other. For systems, installation & maintenance are usually be done by Specific Vendors & only those vendors, which can induce Risks in project maintenance. Thus, in choosing the system vendor, Reputable Vendors are preferred because of their market reputation and known service level etc. If you’re looking for Complicated Lighting Controls and have a Flexible Budget , lighting control systems should be the way-to-go.

    Standalone Incandescent Dimmers(aka TRIAC Dimmers) use leading-edge phase-cut control methodology to control the input power to the lighting fixtures to achieve dimming. They are commonly found in market, however, they are not designed for the dimmable LED lighting (suitable for trailing-edge).

    Unlike lighting control systems, standalone dimmers are best known for their easy installation. For phase dimmers, if the design doesn’t require the Neutral line, the installation is straightforward as simple replacement of the normal toggle light switch (that cuts the Live wire in half). However, if the LED dimmer design requires a Neutral wire to work, it would be more suitable for new installation as the Neutral wires are commonly tied together and return to the Main Circuit Board. If the Neutral wire is cut out from the loop and used for a particular dimmer, the rest of the connection would not light up.

Phase Dimmable Wiring, No Separate Neutral Required

    1. The light bulb can be a Dimmable GU10 or Fixture with Built-In Driver.
    2. External Phase Dimmable LED Driver or a 12Vac Electronic Transformer (ELV) that drives a Dimmable LED MR16.

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    Human Centric Lighting is the application trend for LED lighting. It is about how to create different lighting effects to support different Catering Events, how to achieve Tunable White in Commercial Lighting, or even how to reduce the negative impact on patients’ sleeping quality from the Blue-Radiation of the majority of blue chip-based LED lighting to fulfill the specific requirements from the hospitals. These new requirements would demand professional lighting designer and electricians to be able to select a LED dimmable driver to match with a specific Lighting fixture on a daily basis.

    In our experience, good LED deep dimming practice doesn’t not only require good product compatibility for products, but also the designers and electricians’ deeper understanding of the product functionalities. From our customer interaction, we’ve concluded that some parameters should be clearly understood before selecting or purchasing the devices, which is very different from selecting a non-dimmable LED driver. In our LED Dimmable Driver Selection Application Notes, we’ve summarized our findings and shared the examples for the concerned parties to understand the technical considerations behind.

Legend Tech DIMEZE™ Portfolio

  • DZ2G450DIAL has the Traditional Rotary interface, which is perfect for retrofit application. This module fits into the E8232RD450U (replace the installed dimmer module 32E450UDM), the E32 or compatible plate. The DZ2G450DIAL provides a wide dimming range, can light up at last dimmed level and has a Minimum-Brightness Level setting features. This dimmer supports both leading / trailing-edge operation; the Auto Load Detection is our algorithm for R / L –type of loads detection (leading-edge operation). Restrike & LED Indicator can be individually switched On/Off manually.

  • DZ1G450CAPS has the One-Touch Capacitive Sensing interface, which integrates both Switch On/Off (short press) and Dim Up/Down (long hold & dimming direction toggle between quick releases of the button) functions together on a single button. A blinking LED Indicator provides the feedback to the user that either end of the dimming operation has been reached. This dimmer supports trailing-edge operation only.

  • DZ1G2.1USB is a 5V/2.1A USB power adapter (standby current < 0.1mA), which is good for versatile chargers in coffee shops, schools, transport terminals, hospitality industry and public environment. It’s a great feature to have for tables around the home, modern furniture, or in hotel rooms.

  • For AC Phase Dimmers’ Minimum-Level Set & Restrike instructions, please browse our Video or Support pages.

  • DZ1G1TEN provides a 1-10V control signal to Dimmable LED Drivers for adjusting the brightness level. The device has a Minimum-Trim option that allows installers to further adjust the lowest brightness level corresponds to the range of 0.8V – 3.5V for a particular application on-hand. As a result, the corresponding dimming range becomes from the New Minimum to 10V

  • Legend Tech begun our Product Compatibility Quest with LED Driver manufacturers. We are glad to kick-off the engagement with Mean Well . With its Taiwan headquarters’ endorsement, Legend Tech created the co-branded marketing materials to showcase our Deep Dimming Product Compatibility. For phase-cut dimmable solution , our recommendation is the Mean Well PCD series , which has 21 models covering different power rating from 16 / 25 / 40 / 60W . Besides phase dimming solution, Legend Tech has begun to offer LED dimming solution with other Mean Well LED dimmable drivers to match with our portfolio for local projects.

  • DZ3G450DIAL is an Upgraded version of DZ2G450DIAL featuring a Powerful Dimming Core for a much Wider LED Dimmable Product Compatibility . In this new model, the Minimum-Brightness-Level Feature Button is located to right underneath the dimmer knob, which allows the memory set/clear operations to be performed without opening the wall plates that’s required by the DZ2G450DIAL or DZ1G450CAPS.

  • Legend Tech also introduced the Multi-Power Phase Dimmable Constant Current LED Drivers from our LED Driver Manufacturer business partner, IDP Power Technology Ltd . Multi-Power LED Drivers allow different Constant Current outputs to be selected from the same LED driver unit.

    • The 18W Phase Dimmable Constant Current LED driver (Model # MP-AD-018W-0A35-A-FD-20 ) has the Output Voltage Range of 25V-50V & Output Current Selection between 150-350mA .

    • The 28W Phase Dimmable Constant Current LED driver (Model # MP-AD-028W-0A70-A-FD-20 ) has the Output Voltage Range of 25V-52V & Output Current Selection between 350-700mA .

    • These two Multi-Power Phase Dimmable Constant Current LED Drivers can match with DZ3G450DIAL & other products, which simplifies selection for LED Drivers.

  • In late 2017, our DZ3G450DIAL LED phase dimmer & the associated selectable constant current drivers had been added to the SORAA® compatible product list.

  • Based on single pole LED Phase Dimmers, the traditional Two-Way operation that requires SPDT switches would only allow Two-Way Switching, and dimming operation must be done at single location. The re-designed single pole Multi-Way Dimmers support Multi-Way Deep Dimming, Light On/Off & Scene-Setting features @ Different Locations seamlessly, as if only a single dimmer was connected. We also get into providing Different Button Options to match-up with the Modern Wall Plate Design:

    • DZ4G450MULT_WT for White Control Button
    • DZ4G450MULT_CG for Champagne Gold Control Button
    • DZ4G450MULT_BK for Black Control Button

    Our DZ4G450MULT Dimmer Modules matched-up with the Schneider AVATAR On Series.

  • To help our customers better understand our LED Dimming Product Solutions developed in the past 3 years, we’ve consolidated different product initiatives from AC Phase Dimmer to DC Lighting Controller, Constant Current LED Dimmable Driver Selection to Match with LED Lighting Fixtures, to Professional LED Lamps and Track Light Control Solution Recommendation and compile our Legend Tech Professional LED Lighting Solution Brochure.

  • After launched our Gen 4 Multi-way Phase Dimmers, we started working on development projects other than wall dimmers to expand our portfolio in LED Dimming applications. The first project that we’ve finished is our 200W Digital LED On-Cord Dimmer (aka. In-Line Dimmer). Most of the On-Cord Dimmers in the market are TRIAC On-Cord Dimmers. When these TRIAC On-Cord Dimmers are used with Dimmable LED Lamps, other than the dimming performance and the noise issues, if the TRIAC IC inside the dimmer cannot withstand the electrical stress from the Dimmable LED Lamps, the TRIAC IC would be burnt out after used for a (short) period of time. This kind of Fire Hazard has been happening in Table Lamps application and has serious consequence! For that reason, our DZ1G200LINE is designed with an Overheat Protection feature, so end-users can enjoy the dimming experience while having product safety assured.

220 – 240Vac Multi-Way Phase Dimmer (Gen 4)

Operation Range MAX Power MIN Power
220 – 240Vac, 50Hz 450W 3W

Basic Description

  • Feature Rich One-Touch Control Button Design provides Deep Dimming, Light On/Off & Scene-Setting for Professional Applications
  • Enhanced Gen 3 Dimming Core to Continuously Address LED Dimmable Product Compatibility & Dimming Performance Optimization
  • Built-in Trailing-edge Phase Dimming for LED Lighting Fixtures
  • Scene-Setting Feature for Quick Brightness Selection (Focus vs. Relax) or CCT Selection (Cool White vs.Warm White) with a CCT Changeable LED Fixture and Further Adjust @ the Preset levels
  • Manual Select for Minimum-Brightness-Level & Restrike (Light-up @ Low Level) Options to Best Match with LED Fixture in the Field
  • When the Light has reached either the Highest or Lowest level, or when Dimmer Protection at work, the Blue LED Indicator would Flash, so Users can understand Dimmer Status Clearly

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220-240Vac Phase Dimmer (Gen 3)

Operation Range MAX Power MIN Power
220 – 240Vac, 50Hz 450W 3W
  • Powerful Dimming Core for Wide LED Dimmable Product Compatibility
  • Built-in for Trailing Operation-Edge Phase Dimming Mode,Restrike & Minimum-Brightness-Level Memory Features
  • Suitable for Incandescent lights, Halogens, Low Voltage Lighting using Electronics Transformers and LED Lighting
  • Restores Last Dimming Level at Next Power-Up
  • Complies with IEC/EN60669-2-1 (LVD), IEC/EN55015,EN61547, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3 (EMC)
  • For product manual of DZ3G450DIAL, please Download here.

220 - 240Vac Phase Dimmer (Gen 2)

Operation Range MAX Power MIN Power
220 - 240Vac, 50Hz 450W 3W
  • Installer selectable Re-strike and Minimum Dimming Level Settings
  • Suitable for Incandescent lights, Halogens, Low voltage lighting using electronics transformers, and LED lighting
  • Restores Last Dimming Level at Next Power-Up
  • Complies with IEC/EN60669-2-1 (LVD), IEC/EN55015, EN61547, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3 (EMC)
  • For product manual of DZ2G450DIAL or DZ1G450CAPS, please Download here.

LED Phase Dimmer Features & Benefits

With the objective to provide Highly Efficient Energy Saving products to market & focus on Reliable, Simple & Affordable solution, our LED Phase Dimmers are specially designed for Dimmable LED Lighting with the following key benefits.

  • Designed specially with Backward Compatibility of the Standard Incandescent Dimmers in mind, our Digital LED Phase Dimmers only require a single wire (Live wire) to achieve Deep Dimming performance. With embedded microprocessor, our Phase Dimmers provide Live / Dimmed Live connection to the Dimmable LED lighting fixtures* connected for Deep Dimming effect. The Neutral wires of the connected LED lighting fixtures can be tied together for a common return to the Main Circuit Board. * The fixture / dimmable driver itself needs to support Deep Dimming or similar performance.
  • For general applications, to upgrade a simple On/Off toggle light switch to LED Dimmer only needs to open the wall plate, replace the toggle switch with the LED dimmer directly (Wall, below left) & to change the light bulbs to dimmable LED bulbs (E27, E14, …) / lighting fixtures with the right phase dimmable LED drivers (built-in / external) (Light bulbs, below right).

  • To account for inrush and repetitive peak currents from the Dimmable LED drivers or Dimmable Fixtures, our current dimmers provide a MAX of 450W for LED lighting load. If overload is detected, device protection will kick-in & the LED indicator will flash until the load is properly disconnected. For devices with no protection mechanism, it’s common to hear humming sound coming from the dimmer for overload or other incompatible issues.
  • On the contrary, the minimum loading requirement for the dimmer is one of the conditions for Deep Dimming performance. Our dimmers also support a MIN load no more than 3W for its own power consumption.

  • The user / installers can manually adjust the lowest brightness level of the line in order to prevent flickering (Device Feature: Minimum-Level setting ). On the contrary, if your lighting fixture or the bulb can support Deep Dimming performance, clearing the factory default Minimum-Level memory would allow dimming operation to the lowest possible level (usually with a dim-to-off appearance). Please refer to our Support or Video page for the Minimum-Level memory Set/Reset procedures.
  • The user can light up at the last dimmed level on the next power-up (Device Feature: Restrike ).

Recommended Professional LED Lamps, SORAA®

SORAA® manufactures LEDs using its own unique GaN on GaN™ process, so that SORAA® LEDs emit violet light, while conventional LEDs emit blue light. This important difference offers tremendous advantages and enables SORAA® lamps to render all colours of the spectrum from violet (400nm) to deep red (700nm) with accuracy and supreme natural looking white.

SORAA® VIVID lamps, with a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 95 and R9 (Deep Red Rendering) of 95, provide light emission in parts of the spectrum missing from Conventional Low CRI LEDs, such as deep red, cyan, and violet, commonly needed in the rendering of faces, food, fabrics, furniture, and finishes that contain complex colours.

Whiteness Rendering is not captured by standard light quality measures, such as the Colour Rendering Index (CRI). Conventional (blue-based) LEDs cannot render white materials properly because they lack emission of short-wavelength light required to excite many fluorescent agents in many white objects. Failure to rendering whiteness properly is true even with a very high CRI but based on blue-based LEDs. As a result, the white materials look yellow and dingy under conventional LED lighting.

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Recommended Professional LED Track Lights, SORAA® arc™

For Directional Luminaires, the SORAA® arc™ series has Track Light, Pendant, Adjustable and Down Lights to cover different Lighting Requirements. Flexibly blending the SNAP SYSTEM™ and dimming functionality together would bring Gallery and Luxury Retail Display to the next level.

Flexibility is the key for Lighting Design for applications that require making frequent changes of the decoration settings. With DZ4G450MULT dimmers and SNAP SYSTEM™, it’s possible to realize Different CCT, Different Beam Shape & Beam Angles, Different Brightness Levels for the SORAA® arc™ Track Lights installed on the Same 3 Phase / 3 Circuit Track , all individually controlled.

SORAA® arc™ Track Series

ART-100, 100 mm Diameter, 1000 - 1050 Lm @ 3000K, 2700K / 3000K / 4000K , Brilliant and Vivid Series, Black / White / Silver

ART-50, 50 mm Diameter, 535 - 1000 Lm @ 3000K, 2700K / 3000K / 4000K , Brilliant and Vivid Series, Black / White / Silver

SORAA® arc™ ART-50-10D-930-E-G-S-S3 is dimmed by DZ4G450MULT to illustrate the Lighting Effect.

Recommended Multi-Power Phase Dimmable LED Driver,
IDP Power Technology

The following Multi-Power Phase-Cut dimmable LED drivers are recommended based on our own evaluation and or actual project experience. The IDP Power Technology currently has 2 Multi-Power Phase-Cut Dimmable Constant Current LED driver models for 18W/350mA & 28W/700mA applications.

The connection between the Phase Dimmer and the Multi-Power Phase Dimmable Constant Current LED Drivers is the same as that of the typical Phase Dimmable LED Drivers. Multi-Power LED drivers have the additional benefit of offering different constant current outputs in a wide operating voltage range to easily match with lighting fixtures with differentconstant current requirements.


    Input Voltage: 194 – 264Vac, 50/60Hz
    AC Phase-Cut Dimming: Leading and Trailing Edge
    IP20 for Indoor Use
    High Efficiency, PF > 0.9
    Start-Up Time < 0.5 sec
    Fully Protected
    Selectable Constant Current Mode
    Suitable for Indoor LED Lighting

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Recommended Phase-Cut Dimmable LED Driver, Mean Well

The following Dimmable LED Drivers from Mean Well is recommended based on our own evaluation or actual project experience. The Mean Well PCD series is a phase-cut dimmable constant current LED driver with a portfolio of 21 models (see below table).


    Input Voltage: 180-295Vac (B-Series)
    AC Phase-Cut Dimming: Leading and Trailing Edge
    Fully Isolated Plastic Case with IP42
    Built-in Active PFC
    Class II Design without FG
    Constant Current Mode
    Suitable for Indoor LED Lighting

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DC 1-10V LED Controller (with Min-Trim)

Adapter Controller
Operating Range AC 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz DC 60V MAX
  • Provides 1-10V control signal to LED Drivers via a pair of control lines (DIM+, DIM-) for brightness control
  • Has a Minimum-Trim option to set the lowest brightness level from 0.8V – 3.5V; once set, the dimming range becomes "Minimum-Level" to 10V
  • Complies with IEC/EN 55015:2013+A1:2015, EN 61547:2009, EN 61000-3-2:2014, EN 61000-3-3:2013
  • For product manual of DZ1G1TEN, please Download here.

Recommended 0/1-10V Dimmable Driver, Mean Well

0/1-10V is a popular dimming control. Since a single controller can be connected to multiple drivers, it’s easier to handle in new installation. Mean Well has many 3-in-1 dimmable LED drivers. Based on our experience, we found very good compatibility of our DZ1G1TEN with the LCM , HVGC and HLG series. Thus, we have good reason to believe for our product compatibility of our DZ1G1TEN and other Mean Well 0/1-10V drivers in general.

  • The LCM-25/40/60 series is a very easy to use selectable constant current output LED drivers, which are suitable for projects when little details of required constant current outputs are known. Besides the standard constant current outputs, the output current can be further adjusted by the variable resistor to best match the lighting fixture on-hand.

  • The HVGC series doesn’t only have a higher power rating (65W – 320W) than the LCM series, its high forward voltage capability suits the lighting fixtures with a high operating voltage.

  • The HLG series is the Mean Well’s flagship product and has been widely recognized in market. For our building lobby project that uses the HLG-320/600 with our DZ1G1TEN , please browse this page.

  • Note for the mentioned series, it needs to get to very close to 0V to achieve the Dim-to-Off feature.

In-Wall 2.1A USB Charger

Operation Range Output Current Standby Current
220 - 240Vac, 50Hz 2.1A @ 5.0V < 0.1mA
  • Fast charging for Portable USB devices (Smartphones, Tablets, Portable Music Players, e-Readers)
  • Versatile chargers in Coffee shops, Schools, Transport terminals, Hospitality industry; Perfect for tables around the home, or in hotel rooms
  • Compatible for Apple® and Android™ Devices
  • Complies with IEC/EN60950-1 (LVD), IEC/EN55022, EN55024, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3 (EMC)
  • For product manual of DZ1G2.1USB, please Download here.