On LED Dimming and LED Lighting Energy Saving Benefit

With the weather climate change so drastically in recent years, all inhabitants on the Earth face a severe Energy Saving battle! While LED Lighting has been accepted for its energy saving benefit, it’s counter-intuitive to learn that end-users often find the LED lights are much brighter than necessary, which becomes another form of energy wastage!

In the last few years, Legend Tech is glad to be able to play our role in driving LED dimming applications. By assisting our customers completing their dimming projects, we’ve developed our market understanding and strengthened our product design to meet the market requirements.

In 2015, we launched our 450W/220-240Vac LED Phase Dimmer and a 2.1A Type-A USB Power Adapter (DZ1G2.1USB) to local market under the DIMEZE™ brand name. DZ2G450DIAL is our Gen 2 LED Dimmer with a rotary button interface and it only requires a single Live-wire from the AC Mains to provide a phase-cut output (chopped sine-wave) to subsequent LED dimmable fixtures. DZ1G450CAPS is our Gen 1 LED Dimmer Switch with a push button interface, which has integrated Light On/Off and Dimming functionalities to a single push button.

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On Dynamic Lighting & Total Solution Development

In 2019, after few years of field experience and with the experience to work with prestige end-customers directly to understand their needs, we launched a new type of Tune-able White solution. The DZ1G300TUNE, DZ2G300TUNE_TOGG, DZ2G300TUNE_PUSH solution lets users adjust both the Brightness Intensity and Color Temperature value intuitively using a pair of rotary buttons or momentary switches. This Hardware-only solution does not require any mobile application to operate and is great for customers, who are looking for the advanced control feature with simple interface.

Besides the control unit that we used to provide, we also stepped up our design effort to develop all the relevant parts (from faceplate to Tune-able White LED Fixtures) and shipped to customers a complete package. In terms of LED Lighting Fixtures, LTAD-6527-C18-24D is our 20W Tune-able White Adjustable Recessed Downlight. LTML-6527-5X1/3X1-C09-15D is our 20/15W Tune-able White Linear Light Bar. LTAC-6527-C18/22-24/36D-VP01/02_BP is our 20W/24° or 30W/36° Tune-able White 3-Phase Track Light. Additionally, we also be able to provide our solid aluminum alloy faceplates backward compatible with all our modular products giving a new look to our LED dimming offers. This change of business direction represents a new page for us as we can now better support our customers.

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