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We focus on driving LED dimming and Dynamic Lighting applications to bring a new lighting experience to customers!


Companies exist to solve problems for customers. Since 2015, we have been providing different LED dimming products and solutions. Among various LED applications, dimmers are one of the niche products, and there are only a handful of suppliers for LED dimmers. From a technical point of view, LEDs differ from traditional tungsten light bulbs or quartz lamps, and the associated LED dimmers are much more complicated than conventional dimmers.

Since there is not much relevant information on the market, we spent more resources creating suitable materials to explain appropriate technologies to different types of customers in our early marketing activities. We also tried to make various videos to assist interested customers in visualizing the various topics. Today, we're glad that our products and solutions can assist customers in solving their problems.

If the light is too bright, it isn't easy to focus. Colleagues in an office would start losing productivity, and customers would not like to stay long in a restaurant or visit the coffee shop often. As our Product Solutions section mentioned, dimming becomes an integral part of LED lighting applications to provide a comfortable environment as LEDs' lighting efficacy continues improving.

As the market has adopted our dimming control products for various applications, we can start developing more exciting products. Adjusting the LED's color temperature is the second standard control requirement we heard from customers. After studying the needs, we developed a new type of Dynamic Lighting solution based on our dimming solutions for investment-lite and easy-to-maintain Tunable White control. In 2019, we launched a proprietary Dynamic Lighting product portfolio to address the need to adjust both brightness and color temperature of Tunable White LED lighting fixtures without using a digital lighting system.

Afterwards, we refreshed our dimming solutions based on the Dynamic Lighting controllers that support various faceplates with mechanical switches. Then, we developed relevant dimmable and tunable lighting fixtures, including robust Tunable White Track Light solutions suitable for different scenarios. These additional products and solutions become our powerful tools to serve the lighting market. Providing products and solutions consultancy services, developing complementary products to support the core product portfolio, and providing lighting fixtures and luminaire designs for customers have become part of our daily business.