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Solid Aluminum Alloy Faceplates

After focusing on the underlying dimming technologies, we want our dimmers to reach a broader audience group.

Since 2019, improving our product cosmetics and more color selections have become part of our new development. As an off-spring of our Dynamic Lighting development project, our fabulously CNC processed solid aluminum-alloy faceplates stand a unique wall mounting solution to customers looking for modernized faceplates for their spatial design. Note that for alloy faceplates, we also provide complementary alloy rotary knobs; see here for our LED dimmer switch on Solid Aluminum Alloy Faceplates.

In practical dimming applications, we know that Electricians and Lighting Professionals would require a mix of AC and DC dimming control to match the different types of dimming control required by lighting fixtures. Our alloy faceplates have an easy mounting / dismounting mechanism that offers excellent flexibility to arrange modular products, same as the plastic faceplate options. Interested prospects can provide relevant lighting fixtures info for us to suggest the faceplate configurations.

Currently, we provide faceplates with 86 x 86mm, black, white, silver, dark grey, 2, or 4 gangs (23 x 23mm aperture). For more details, please contact us.

Plastic Faceplates

As customers can find on our application pages, Electricians can fit our modular products into the standard plastic faceplates with 23 x 23mm apertures. This approach is most common for applications that focus on practicality or has budget constraints, such as public facilities, F&B, and retail environments. On the right, it shows our dimming module installed to standard plastic faceplate.