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Product Manuals

  1. DZ3G450DIAL / 450W Trailing-edge LED Phase Dimmer (Rotary Button)
  2. DZ4G450MULT / 450W Trailing-edge LED Phase Dimmer with Multi-way Operation Option (Push Button)
  3. DZ1G1TEN / Sink-type 1-10V Controller with Min-Trim Option (Rotary Button)
  4. DZ1G300TUNE / 300W Tunable White Controller
  5. DZ2G300TUNE_TOGG / 300W Dynamic Lighting Controller with Momentary Toggle Switch Interface
  6. LTAD-6527-T18-24D_WT / 20W Tunable White Adjustable Recessed Downlight, 6500K - 2700K
  7. LTML-6527-T09-5X1-15D_WT_ADJ / 25W Tunable White Adjustable Linear Light Bar, 6500K - 2700K
  8. LTAC-6527-C18-24D-VP01_WT_BP / 20W Tunable White Track Light (3-Circuit), 6500K - 2700K

Legacy Products

  1. DZ2G450DIAL & DZ1G450CAPS / 450W Rotary and Push-button Phase Dimmers
  2. DZ1G2.1USB / 2.1A USB Power Adaptor Module

Marketing Brochures

  1. Legend Tech LED Dimming and Dynamic Lighting Solutions / CN Version
  2. Introduction to DZ1G300TUNE, Tunable White Controller
  3. Introduction to DZ2G300TUNE, Dynamic Lighting Controller
  4. Tunable White Track Lights in Art Galleries
  5. Dynamic Lighting for Professional Jewelers
  6. Dynamic Lighting in Public Facilities
  7. New Residential and Commercial Lighting Applications
  8. Dimmable Advertisement Lightbox and Signage Solutions
  9. Introduction to Meanwell Phase Dimmable LED Driver (PCD Series)
  10. Introduction to Selectable Output Phase Dimmable LED Drivers
  11. SORAA® Dimming Solutions Brief

Supplementary Materials

  1. LED Dimmable Drivers Selection Application Notes
  2. SORAA® Compatible Product List (Q3 2017)