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Tunable White Downlight

Compared with standard LED downlights, tunable white downlights provide an unparalleled degree of freedom for users to adjust the lighting effects they need. Users can change the color temperature while maintaining the brightness level, and vice versa. Users can choose their preferred color temperature range, power, or fixture design according to their needs. Our tunable white downlights typically cover color temperature ranges including 4000K - 1800K, 6500K - 2700K, and 6000K - 2800K, all with CRI 90+ color rendering. Typical rated power is 10W, 20W, and 30W. Our dynamic lighting solutions, the DZ1G300TUNE and DZ2G300TUNE, would control the tunable white downlights. Both 300W controllers can connect single or multiple dimmable white downlights for various application needs.

Recessed LED Downlight Examples

LTAD-4018-T18-24D_WT is a 20W adjustable recessed downlight with 4000K - 1800K (Ra 90 - 95) color temperature tunable and a lumen output around 1900Lm - 1100Lm and is suitable for commercial and residential applications. The 4000K - 1800K covers common color temperature values in halogen lighting, including warm dimming applications, making it most suitable for F&B and leisure environments.

For customers looking for solutions in productivity improvement and product display, as these applications typically involve neutral to cool white color temperature ranges, the 6500K - 2700K or 6000K - 2800K may be more attractive than the 4000K - 1800K option.

Generally speaking, the color temperature above 5000K will appear bluish, which is more suitable for commodity lighting, such as the jewelry industry. For jewelry lighting, we recommend mixing different color temperature ranges like 4000K - 1800K and 6500K - 2700K to address the different types of gems. Please refer to further details of this Tunable White Downlight here. Note this adjustable recessed downlight serves as an example of how easily we can implement Tunable White recessed downlights with conventional downlight fixtures.

LTRD-6028-H19-152_WT is a 30W six-inch Tunable recessed downlight (152mm aperture) with a 6000K - 2800K color temperature range and 90+ color rendering. We can easily support various dimensions and options, including two, four, and five-inch downlights to accommodate different commercial and residential applications. Note that our solutions allow regular dimmable LED drivers to power these Tunable downlights; thus, we can significantly lower the entry barrier for Dynamic Lighting applications. Since there are many downlight designs in the market, interested customers can contact us for inquiries.