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Gen 4 Multi-way LED Dimmer Switch

The 450W (Gen 4 dimming core) single-push button trailing-edge phase dimmer, DZ4G450MULT, has a different hardware design than the DZ3G450DIAL and was released in 2018. As an individual device or standalone application, the single-push button LED dimmer switch integrates two control functions into a single push button as the most basic form. By different keystroke patterns (Single click-to-Switch On-Off, Hold-to-Dim), users can control the lights easily. To change the brightness ramping direction, quickly release-and-hold again.

The DZ4G450MULT is an exciting device because the single-pole dimmer unit can be used individually or in parallel with other DZ4G450MULT units to provide Two-Way Dimming at two distant locations. Electricians would immediately recognize that the latter feature is not a standard feature of single-pole dimmers!

DZ4G45MULT is CE Certified and complies with IEC / EN60669-2-1:2004+A12:2010, EN60669-1:1999+A2:2008, EN55015:2013+A1:2015, EN55015:2006+A1:2007+A2:2009, EN61547-2009, EN61000-3-2:2014, EN6100-3-3:2013 ; See DZ4G450MULT Product Manual. For this device applications, please refer to associated section for details.

Two Locations Dimming

Besides being a single push-button LED dimmer switch, DZ4G450MULT features an interesting Two-way Dimming control function. When connecting a pair of DZ4G450MULT dimmer switches in parallel via a single DC connection between the T2 terminal, users can extend the control functions to two locations as if only a single dimmer was present. Similarly, we can extend the tasks to more places by making further connections.

Note that this connection is not necessary for standalone applications. When the AC (Live In, Live Out) connections are not polarity relevant, Electricians must connect the DC terminal correctly with the other device at the other end, or it may damage the unit right off the bat.

Unlike the textbook approach of adding a single-pole dimmer (e.g., DZ3G450DIAL) to a Two-way light switch circuitry, this approach does not use any SPDT switches or wireless settings and realizes dimming control at more than a single location. Shaking off the SPDT switches can vastly simplify the wiring for electricians.

Another Solutions

In our latter development, the DZ2G300TUNE controller inherits the single-button operations and two-way controls and makes them available in a tactile toggle switch or a push-button, respectively.

Here, we have our single toggle dimmer switch on a solid aluminum alloy faceplate solution controlling the SORAA® Vivid LED MR16 lamp with the SORAA® Optima 12Vac transformer. This solution deploys our DZ2G300TUNE_TOGG controller that provides a momentary switch interface; interested prospects may refer to relevant sections for details.

Additionally, the controllers have a pre-set brightness selection (between full intensity and a customized, low level) and a cycling feature that automatically changes the intensity ramping direction at minimum or maximum brightness level. Please refer to DZ2G300TUNE_TOGG / _PUSH controller for details of this solution.