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Tunable White Track Lights

In the simplest application, our 30W Tunable White track lights are applicable to single-phase tracks (aka two-wire tracks with L / N) that we can adjust the brightness and color temperature of the lights.

Users can use two rotary buttons to adjust the brightness and color temperature independently. As these track lights do not require special control devices, this design significantly enhances the usability of the track lights, which are most suitable in art galleries, art museums, exhibition centers, or multi-purpose spaces.

Backward Compatible to Dimmable Rails

On the other hand, if the user already has a dimmable rail system (such as the rail system for adjustable quartz lamps), since these systems generally use four-wire rails, we can also provide a four-wire tunable white light track light version suitable for the original dimming system (front-cut or rear-cut dimming).

After installation, users can easily adjust the color temperature of the track light with a single knob. In this way, guests can greatly increase the availability of their track lights by simply adopting our tunable white track luminaires without having to make any changes to their existing systems.

In a nutshell, we can directly implement dimming and color temperature functions on dual- or quad-line rails (including existing dimming functions), allowing guests to greatly improve the usability of track lights. In essence, both versions use the knob to achieve the function of independent color temperature (Local Tunable). For more details of this product, please see our Tunable White Track Light brochure.

Over the Track Control

Here, we show our early Tunable White Track Light prototype built for three circuits (4-wires) tracks. We can control the color temperature and brightness from a wall plate, similar to dimmable track light. However, we also explored how to set individual track lights with different color temperatures under this setup. This solution addresses the need for multiple color temperature values over the same track, while users don't need to adjust the lights individually. As for the adjustment, we can also change from rotary knobs to mobile applications (note our offering doesn't include the mobile application, but we can provide complementary solutions). This approach suits large areas or wash-washing applications.

Field Applications

From customer discussions, we understood that the production team must handle even more complicated lighting effects in art museums or galleries. That’s track lights over the same tracks required to have different color temperature effects.

Sometimes, some of the track lights require cool white for this exhibition, while individual track lights require warm white. Similarly, the next show would require the opposite.

Even with a lighting system, it can be challenging to implement in such cases because the track lights receive their commands over the same track (D1 / D2). In such cases, we suggest customers use both local tunable and track tunable versions to adjust the lights easily with consistent color temperature while having different color temperatures quickly at arbitrary locations to achieve their ideal lighting effect. See more application discussion here.

Product Selection

In terms of color temperature and color rendering performance, we now provide three color temperature ranges, 6500K – 2700K, 4000K – 1800K, or 6000K – 2800K, all with 90+ Ra performance for selection.

Furthermore, we also have a fixed beam angle version (24° / 38° / 60°), adjustable beam angle version (10° – 50°), also track lights built on multiple COB chips for wall washing applications for selection.

As for our current offer, our Tunable White track lights generally have a 30W rated power to cover various needs. For other power ratings and interested prospects, please contact us for inquiries.


In this video, we shared how our Tunable White Track Lights are applicable on four-wire tracks. Since our solution can be implemented differently, interested prospects feel free to contact us for a discussion.