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Tunable White LED Fixtures

Before introducing our Dynamic Lighting solutions, let’s quickly recap what a Tunable White LED fixture is. Unlike regular LED light that only has a single-color temperature value LED string (e.g., 3000K), a Tunable White LED fixture has a pair of LED strings, each with a different color temperature value and thus, is specified by a color temperature range (e.g., 4000K to 1800K). While we can do all kinds of fun things with Tunable White LED fixtures, these LEDs require different control methodologies. Simply shorting the positive leads (Cool White+, Warm White+) and negative leads (Cool White-, Warm White-) of a Tunable White LED and controlling it like standard LEDs won’t give desired color mixing result.

Dynamic Lighting is about simultaneously controlling two aspects of a Tunable White LED Fixture: Color Temperature and Brightness Intensity. We can easily understand “simultaneous control” when comparing Dynamic Lighting and Warm Dimming applications that people would confuse the two at first sight. Warm Dimming or Dim-to-Warm application is essentially a type of dimming application. The change of color temperature and brightness is always dependent on each and along a pre-defined dimming curve. Warm Dimming is sufficient for simple mood lighting applications in an F&B environment.

Contrary to Warm Dimming, Dynamic Lighting provides the freedom to adjust the brightness intensity and color temperature independently, without sacrificing the other element. We are no longer changing along a curve but in an area defined by the rated power and the color temperature range of Tunable White LED fixtures. It’s not difficult to imagine that accommodating both color temperature and brightness intensity presents practical value and addresses all the desired lighting requirements in daily applications. Our Dynamic Lighting solutions target intuitive control, excellent color rendering performance, a wide range of lighting fixtures supportable, and low deployment costs (initial and maintenance). More people would enjoy the values of the lighting technology.

Dimmable Driver Connections

We mentioned that Tunable White LED Fixtures involve different control than regular LED strings. But our proprietary Dynamic Lighting solution indeed works with a single-channel dimmable driver. The single-channel LED driver can be phase-cut or 0/1-10V dimmable with a pair of constant current output (LED+/-). Thus, our solution has a different way of connecting the external LED driver.

In terms of AC connection, the AC power that leaves the Controller (DZ1G300TUNE / DZ2G300TUNE) feeds to subsequent dimmable drivers via the Live-Out terminal. Besides the Live connection, the Neutral terminal of the LED Drivers can be connected separately, and not necessary to return the MCPCB box via our controller.

In terms of DC connection, the LED- terminal of the dimmable driver and the Cool White- and Warm White- terminals of the Tunable White LED Fixture shall connect to the corresponding terminals of the DZ1G300TUNE / DZ2G300TUNE controllers. The LED+ terminal of the dimmable driver connects to the Cool White+ and Warm White+ terminals of the Tunable White LED Fixture.

DZ1G300TUNE Control Methods

The Tunable White Controller, DZ1G300TUNE, has the option to adjust the color temperature of Tunable White LED Fixtures by either onboard VR or an external 0/1-10V control signal. To use the onboard VR, it’s necessary to power down the controller and then shorts the CCT+/- terminals together.

Real-time changes do not work! After the controller resumes its power, users can adjust the color temperature using the onboard VR (blue trim pot). This feature is suitable for applications requiring infrequent color temperature adjustment and can do so without any external connection.

Multiple Dimmers with DZ1G300TUNE

The Tunable White Controllers (DZ1G300TUNE) and Dynamic Lighting Controllers (DZ2G300TUNE) represent two design principles. While DZ2G300TUNE has integrated dimming and color temperature control in a single controller, DZ1G300TUNE only serves the color temperature adjustment feature and shall work with other dimming controls. As the dimming control is independent of DZ1G300TUNE, phase dimming or 0/1-10V dimming is equally applicable.

In fact, by connecting the phase dimmers at the Live-Out terminal of the DZ1G300TUNE, we can even have more than a single-phase dimmer attached to the single controller. This configuration has an interesting implication that we can achieve consistent color temperature adjustment of different Tunable White LED Fixtures, but not necessarily the same brightness intensity among the fixtures.

In the case of a fitting room, we can have multiple Tunable White Downlights all change the color temperature consistently, but the leading lights can be brighter than the rest to create a focal point. Note that when multiple dimmers are involved, customers shall review our cross-talk discussion for details.