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What's a Tunable White Controller?

The DZ1G300TUNE is a 300W Tunable White Controller that serves as the Color Temperature control of Tunable White LED Lights that offer a warm to cool white spectrum. As the color temperature ranges are independent of the controller and solely determined by the Tunable White LED fixtures, e.g., 2800K - 6000K, the same method works with Tunable lighting fixtures with different color temperature ranges, making it easy to use. Similarly, as the controller is independent of the LED driver, phase-cut or 0-10V dimmable LED drivers are applicable for different configurations. Furthermore, this controller works with other devices to provide a complete Dynamic Lighting solution. These features give the unique opportunity to provide various user interfaces of Dynamic Lighting control or integrate them into existing systems as a system upgrade. Please see DZ1G300TUNE product manual. For details of this controller, please see associated section.

How to Apply?

There are two ways to control DZ1G300TUNE for color temperature adjustment. The most straightforward approach is to short the CCT+/- terminals before powering up; this lets users utilize the onboard VR to adjust the color temperature. This feature targets infrequent changes, such as LED display cabinets.

Alternatively, users can use external 0/1-10V controllers to adjust the color temperature in real-time. In fact, by using different devices, we can design other user interfaces, such as dual rotary interface, hybrid control (use of wall dimmer and mobile application), and dual operation control (switch between wall control and mobile application). As mentioned, the DZ1G300TUNE controller can work with other devices for Dynamic Lighting control. Below shows some feasible user interfaces for interested customers' further brainstorming.

Rotary Interface

In the simplest form, DZ1G300TUNE can work with our rotary dimmer (DZ3G450DIAL) and rotary 1-10V controller (DZ1G1TEN), which gives a dual rotary interface for users to adjust the brightness and color temperature intuitively. Unlike our DZ2G300TUNE solution, this dual rotary button interface does not require users to memorize any hotkeys or read a manual before using it. Thus, this user interface is most suitable for public facilities or applications without specific users.

Here, we have an additional rotary dimmer to the dual rotary interface; this configuration allows users to establish two channels of brightness control among the three Tunable lighting fixtures while all share the homogenous color temperature changes. Customers may find this helpful feature in mirror lighting inside a fitting room. The primary light source can be a pair of bright dual-color LED strips, and the secondary light source can be another pair of dimmed dual-color LED strips with the same color temperature adjustments. Note that the three Tunable lighting fixtures have different rated powers, which highlights the benefit of our solution for the ease of matching LED dimmable drivers with the Tunable White LED fixtures.

Hybrid Control

Unlike the DZ2G300TUNE solution that integrates Dynamic Lighting control functionalities into a single controller, the DZ1G300TUNE controller combines with other lighting control components to form a complete solution.
When we replace the DZ1G1TEN with a wireless control module with 0-10V output, users can control the color temperature via a Mobile APP and enjoy the benefits of wireless control. In daily operations (right), users can adjust the color temperature using a mobile application. Simultaneously, they can use the wall dimmer(s) to adjust the lights, similar to dimmable applications. The mobile device is only needed when users desire to change the color temperature. This feature makes it possible to apply Dynamic Lighting in retrofit scenarios or upgrade existing lighting to Dynamic Lighting. In other words, customers only need to install a DZ1G300TUNE controller and a wireless module (BLE or Wi-Fi module with 0-10V output) additional to the wall dimmer.

Since this approach utilized both a wall dimmer (that's suitable for retrofit installation) and a mobile application (an additional new feature), we introduced the term "Hybrid Control" in our marketing communication. With a simple electronic device, we can further change the Hybrid Control to "Dual Control," allowing users to select to adjust the color temperature from the wall or an APP.

As covered above, we can use more than a single dimmer to adjust the brightness levels (layers) when dealing with multiple Tunable lighting fixtures.

See How it Works in a Video

To help interested prospects to digest the above concepts, we prepared the following video to help them understand better.

Large Scale Deployment

A close look at how people apply Tunable LED Fixtures (e.g., Smart Bulbs) reveals that the light fixtures in the neighborhood are often adjusted together for a homogeneous color tone. When connecting a wireless control module to our Tunable White Controller, we've essentially issued a single wireless-ID to the different Tunable White fixtures collectively controlled by a single 300W controller.

If we consider these fixtures collectively as a zone, we can group the zones easily in the Mobile APP as we would do the same with Smart Bulbs. But instead of a single E27 smart bulb, each ID represents a group of Tunable Fixtures (up to 300W). Without the burden of an extensive lighting system, this approach lets users install at selected locations, easy to install and maintain. By saving individual wireless ID per fixture replicating the same task, the cost-saving benefit would grow proportionally with the number of light points installed. While the Tunable lighting fixtures can share the homogenous color temperature, each zone retains its independent brightness intensity control. For example, in the hospital wards, patients can dim their lights separately, and the manager can adjust the color temperature consistently. For various discussions above, please see this DZ1G300TUNE Solution Brief for details.

Wall Mounting Solutions

As mentioned in other sections, Electricians can easily fit our modular products into the standard plastic faceplates with 23 x 23mm apertures. This approach is most suitable for applications that focus on practicality and may have limited budgets, such as in public facilities, F&B, and retail environments. Customers can also refer to other sections for the solid aluminum alloy faceplate options.