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Product Innovation and Projects Participation

Product development is about improving product values to customers in a recursive manner. Hence, we emphasize project participation in parallel with our product development. It's crucial to gain insights into customers' needs and product field applications. Today, we are happy to see many old and new customers adopting our products in various projects or ordering products through retail partners.

Alloy Faceplate LED Dimmer Switches

Although the dimming functions of different projects are always similar, each customer segment has its most concerning requirements. Today, besides our regular customer activities, associated product development to value-add our existing products has become a routine exercise.

Addressing the flexibility to assemble different modular products for customized dimming solutions and the request from interior designers and end-users for premium light switches, we are glad about the market response to introducing our solid aluminum alloy LED dimmer switches. We can better understand their needs by answering product inquiries from lighting suppliers, lighting designers, lighting designers, and interior designers. At the same time, we also draw on their insights on the market needs to confirm and revise our business strategies. Additionally, sharing past project experiences with customers and industry insiders can help them better understand the context behind our lighting control technology development.

Our current focus is on providing more varieties of LED dimmer switches based on solid aluminum alloy faceplates, and Tunable White LED Fixture developments to enhance our support for Dynamic Lighting projects. Furthermore, we work on different dimmable fixtures to provide more selections to customers.

Controllers for Dimming and Dynamic Lighting
When people purchase their LED lights, it’s often to recognize that manufacturers can make LED lights to specific color temperature values, unlike traditional lighting. After releasing several LED dimmers, we started working on the Dynamic Lighting solution that adjusts brightness and color temperature.
In terms of our marketing positioning, we hope to develop a solution that doesn’t require a lighting system and is easy to maintain over time. Hence, we developed our Tunable White Controller and Dynamic Lighting Controller for different applications.

Simultaneously, these new solutions should be backward compatible with the dimming solutions we already released to the market so that we can assist customers to value-add their lighting applications. Hence, our Tunable White Controller (DZ1G300TUNE) can work with our AC and DC rotary dimmers (DZ3G450DIAL and DZ1G1TEN) at the most basic operation. For customers whose applications have specific requirements, we also explore how to use wireless control (Hybrid Mode and Dual Mode) to enhance the solution’s applications. Similarly, our Dynamic Lighting Controller (DZ2G300TUNE_TOGG and DZ2G300TUNE_PUSH) can work with a single toggle switch for LED dimming applications. These are examples of how we correlate different customers’ needs and convert the requirements into product ideas. See our Product Solutions Catalog for details.