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LED Dimmer Switches

Our LDCP series offers the unique LED dimmer switches formed by combining our fabulously CNC processed solid aluminum alloy faceplates and different modular dimmer units. The LDCP series suits our phase dimmers, 1-10V controllers, and can serve as our dual rotary button (our DZ3G450DIAL and DZ1G1TEN with customized alloy rotary knobs) control plates for Dynamic Lighting control.

Furthermore, the LDCP series features a simple mechanical design for easy mounting and dismounting for our modules, similar to the plastic faceplate options, but without the difficulty in dismounting the units from plastic faceplates. It’s a multi-purpose design and serves as our common faceplate platform for easy fitting our modules for various purposes. The dimmer switches are most suitable for residential, commercial, and hospitality applications that demand product outlook and materials.

Features and Benefits
We often deploy AC and DC dimming technologies depending on the lighting fixtures in typical residential and hospitality dimming applications. Some can be dimmable downlights, and some can be cove or LED strip lights. Our solid aluminum alloy faceplates adopted the miniature switch design to inherit the multi-gang plastic faceplate concept, which allows Electricians and Lighting Professionals to maximize the benefits of our AC and DC modular products for installation flexibility.

Ordering Codes and Options

In terms of ordering, we have ready order codes, like LDCP-ROTA-2G_BK, which stands for a single channel 450W LED dimmer switch on a black solid aluminum alloy faceplate; alternatively, LDCP-ROTA-4G_BK which stands for a dual-channel 450W LED dimmer switch on a black solid aluminum alloy faceplate.

Other than that, designers can work with us on their requirements for faceplates that need special arrangements, such as a single switch with 3 phase dimmer units on a 4-gang faceplate, so that we can confirm the configurations and model numbers accordingly. Please refer to other dimming modules for electrical specifications.

Besides 86 x 86 mm faceplates, we can also provide 86 x 146mm options. Currently, we have white, black, silver, dark grey available in 2, 4 gang faceplates. Each solid aluminum alloy faceplate has a dedicated terminal for Earthing connection. Please refer to the LDCP LED dimmer switch series brief.