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LED Dimmer Switches

As a new offer added in 2019, Dynamic Lighting Controller represents another form of LED dimming beyond standard wall dimmers. When used for LED dimming applications, the DZ2G300TUNE_TOGG lighting controller provides a single toggle switch interface for brightness intensity adjustment, an amicable solution in residential and commercial environments.

The functionalities are similar to standard wall dimmers, except the solution features fancy wall plates for customization. Without the control electronics, designers and end-customers would have great freedom in choosing their preferred faceplates, including faceplates from different vendors (on the right, the left toggle switch on the faceplate connects directly to our controller). The controller has the following features activated by different keystroke patterns:

  1. Hotkeys Operations (On-Off, Switching between Full Intensity and User-Defined Level)
  2. Minimum Brightness Memory for dimming range optimization
  3. Cycling Operations (automatically changing the ramping direction at maximum or minimum brightness levels)

To support customer's applications, we also developed two types of solid aluminum-alloy faceplates with different switch designs: LCNC-TG0X series and LCNC-PB0X series. For details of this device applications, please refer to associated section.

Dual-Channel Wall Switches

Dual-channel wall switches are standard in Residential and Commercial applications. For example, the faceplate at the bathroom entrance has one switch for the light and another switch for the exhaust fan. (Right, the two silver faceplates are one of our own solid aluminum alloy faceplates, LCNC-TG01-2L_SV.)

However, finding a LED dimmer switch and a regular switch on the same plate may not be easy. Finding such a faceplate to match the rest of the faceplates in the house can be even more challenging. While our toggle switch lighting faceplates look great and are lovely, Designers would inquire us about using faceplates for non-lighting purposes to match the design.

Recap from our earlier residential dimming projects that involved several dual-channel faceplates, since our DZ2G300TUNE controller only requires a single switch for dimming control, the other slot is applicable for other switching purposes with a regular toggle switch.

High current devices, such as a 13Amp single-phase water heater require a contactor or similar device at the backend. Therefore, the End-Users and Designers can stick to the same faceplate designs with our solution for different switching (lighting or not) and LED dimming purposes in the whole house. For more details on this single toggle switch solution, please see here or contact us.

Dynamic Lighting Controller

When used for LED dimming, our DZ2G300TUNE is a 300W / 220-240Vac Dynamic Lighting Controller that provides a single toggle switch interface. This solution leaves designers / end-users to choose their preferred wall plates with momentary switches (toggle switches / push-buttons) while our controller handles the dimming operations.

In terms of wiring, we suggest Electricians use CAT-5 / CAT-6 cut-LAN cables to connect the faceplates with a controller. The controller has a trailing-edge phase-cut dimming output like our LED dimmer modules. Thus, this solution is equivalent to our standard LED dimmer modules or dimmer switches in terms of dimming functionalities. Multi-location control is also achievable by parallel connecting the faceplates to the same controller.

The same Dynamic Lighting Controller supports Tunable White LED Fixtures control for simultaneous brightness and color temperature control using the same control method. Interested prospects may check out our relevant brochure on applying this controller in residential applications. See DZ2G300TUNE_TOGG Product Manual.

Solid Aluminum Alloy Faceplates

The LCNC series is our solid aluminum alloy faceplates. There are two sub-series:

  • LCNC-TG0X (toggle switch)
  • LCNC-PB0X (push button).

Under the LCNC-TG0X sub-series, we further classified four types of toggle switch designs.

Here, we have our first solid aluminum alloy faceplate design (LCNC-TG01-2G_CG). After the champagne gold faceplate, we started working on a series of faceplates that are screw-less (hidden wall mounting cover plate), various colors, and different types of momentary switches (rocker switches and push-buttons). For more details of our faceplates, please refer to Dynamic Lighting / Solid Aluminum Alloy Faceplates section.

Demo Video

For actual demonstration of our controller's applications, please refer to our video section.