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Two-Location Dimming

Two-way switching is standard in lighting control. Occasionally, adding dimming on top of the two-way switching circuit is required. The most common implementation involves using Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) switches. However, as we’ll show, different approaches are possible without SPDT switches. To address this topic, we’ll cover

  1. Standard approach using SPDT Switches
  2. Two-Way Dimmer Switch with DZ4G450MULT
  3. Dynamic Lighting Controller

The SPST Switch Approach

Unlike regular (SPST) light switches, the SPDT switches have three terminals for connection.

To implement dimming using a single-pole dimmer, like DZ3G450DAL, Electricians shall connect the pair of SPDT switches as per normally required for two-way switching circuit and add the dimmer at either one of the locations where dimming control is mostly expected. This approach indeed can dim the lights and switch them on-off at either location. Note that only a single dimmer is allowed in the entire circuit.

The DZ4G450MULT Approach

The second approach regarding two-way applications is to utilize our DZ4G450MULT dimmer switch. Besides standalone operations, our DZ4G450MULT supports two-way dimming control (dimming and switching) by connecting a pair of dimmers by a single wire (DC) via the T3 terminal available with the units.

As soon as the dimmers are connected, the dimmer unit connected to the LED lights becomes the “Master” unit, and the other unit that only has a Live-In connection and single DC connection to the “Master” unit becomes the “Interface” unit. After connecting the devices, users would find that different DZ4G450MULT functions replicate at the “Interface” unit location. As a result, users can switch and dim at both locations. Note either unit can be the Master unit subject to the wiring. For detail wiring, please refer to the DZ4G450MULT Manual.

Dynamic Lighting Controller Approach

Our Dynamic Lighting Controller, DZ2G300TUNE, represents another type of lighting control connection that allows homogeneous operations at multi-locations. As the faceplates are separate from the controller, we can connect these faceplates in parallel for a joint return to the controller’s DC terminals. We used this feature to have two-channel dimming control on two separate faceplates in residential projects.

The DZ2G300TUNE controller supports Tunable White LED fixtures. The brightness and color temperature adjustable at more locations is an exciting application. We know that the same controller is also applicable to provide a single momentary switch solution for dimming control. Multi-location dimming control can be realized by simple parallel connection as described. In practice, residential applications sometimes require using a single toggle switch control and two-way control together.