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Dynamic Lighting Applications

Dynamic Lighting offers more fun than dimmable applications that provide simultaneous brightness and color temperature control. In these applications, Tunable White LED Fixtures are required to provide added value, and more advanced control is needed. Since there are different Dynamic Lighting solutions, ranging from professional lighting systems and intelligent lights, oour solutions target simple applications that offer more practical usage than warm dimming yet similar control. We feel that this Dynamic Lighting development further establishes our differentiator and demonstrates our value to customers in the market. To support this idea, we developed two controllers for different purposes. Before we go into the details of different applications, let's quickly recap their features.

Residential Project 1

The first application of our Dynamic Lighting Controller, DZ2G300TUNE, was a residential LED dimming project. In this case, the Designer had chosen the mechanical toggle switch faceplates and the lights from Europe. However, the dimmable drivers were missing, and the Contractor found the TRIAC dimming control units that he used were too large to fit. So, the faceplates and lights had already arrived, but the dimmers and drivers were not.

At the same time, Designer emphasized that every light fixture in the house must be dimmable. As the project had already taken extraordinarily long when we entered the scene, the first site meeting with all party's presence was full of intense pressure!

Our task was to provide the LED dimming control gear (dimmers and dimmable drivers) to work with the toggle switch faceplates and the lights. Somehow, we became the lighting consultant, took charge of the lighting, and remedied the project. Working on this project for over six months, we collected first-hand feedback from the owner on the various lighting control details, as simple as how fast should the dimming adjustment be made and feedback for the hotkey operations.

Interestingly, just when we were about to finalize the toggle switch interface (DZ2G300TUNE_TOGG) for installation, the Electrician told us that the controller still couldn't be used because he completed the wiring and didn't reserve enough wires for the toggle switch interface connection. Without reworking the whole house's wiring, we developed the Push-Button interface (DZ2G300TUNE_PUSH) backward compatible with existing wiring. Eventually, we assisted the team in filling in the blanks, and we could finish the project together step-by-step. It was an exciting project, especially with the time and effort involved.

Residential Project 2

Here is another case of our Dynamic Lighting Controller in residences. This time, we provided Designers and End-Customers with our solid aluminum alloy faceplates and controllers with a toggle switch interface, DZ2G300TUNE_TOGG.

Although this project was less involved than the previous one, we had a faceplate support inquiry. Naturally, not all lights are dimmable, and even some wall switches are for non-lighting purposes. How do the designer and contractors source a faceplate consistent in style for other purposes? This finding faceplates with similar color and style for other switching applications in the house is a practical need and crucial to the design!

Luckily, the existing solution can quickly solve this issue. Yet again, we learned more about the FAQs from an installation perspective:

  • Oh, the Electrician didn’t plan enough wires to make the Neutral return to our Controller? That’s okay because the Neutral wires of the loads can also be routed to the MCBs directly.
  • What types of cable should they use to connect faceplates to Controllers? CAT-5 or CAT-6.
  • Any Two-way control? Follow the connections, watch the Ground connection of the different faceplates, and correctly connect the terminals on different faceplates to the same Controller inside the flush boxes.
  • How about setting the Minimum Brightness Memory? By an auxiliary switch and you can hide it inside the flush box.

At this level of readiness, we feel our solution is ready for practical deployment; of course, proper communication and documentation are still necessary to an Electrician who is entirely new to our solutions. Once again, our mock-up demo was great for field communication!

Jewelry Lighting

Perhaps one of the most exciting parts of our job is meeting and discussing our control technologies with a wide range of customers. In the middle of our Dynamic Lighting project, we were introduced to the major international auction house to provide a lighting solution for its jewelry department. The old system reached a point beyond replacement as some manufacturers no longer supported the models. After releasing the DZ4G450MULT dimmer, we have already started our dimming and color temperature control project. Shortly after we finished the Dynamic Lighting Controller development to catch the timeline for the residential installation, we were very excited to present our new solution to the International Auction House.

Rounds of site presentations to a group of Professional Jewelers and answering unanticipated application details questions were new and fun to help us develop more tools or market our solutions better. Furthermore, as Tunable White LED Fixtures are not common in the market, we came up with the Tunable White Adjustable Recessed Downlights and Light Bars for their Jewel Catalog Preparation room and Display Boxes. After the installation, the commissioning to more end-users was another exciting experience to get first-hand feedback.

Eventually, the customer adopted our Dual Rotary Button solution (DZ1G300TUNE) and Dual Toggle Switch interface solution (DZ2G300TUNE_TOGG) for their jewelry applications. We started looking into the Tunable White Track Light application out of this project.

Art Galleries

Since our Auction House project, we have been searching for a way to make our Dynamic Lighting control more readily applicable in practice. Given the field experience, we started marketing our 30W Tunable White Track Lights in art galleries. Among the several art galleries we met, the feedback to our Tunable White Track Lights is positive as the gallery staff found practical value to them. No re-installation of the tracks, easy to use, and requires no lighting system are perfect for the team, who need to get the lighting done as quickly as possible.

For gallery customers, who already have a dimmable system for their halogen track lights in place, our track-control type of Tunable White Track Lights would be most suitable for their system upgrade.

On the other hand, galleries that don’t have a lighting system in place can choose our track control models to control the lights via a mobile APP with minimal costs and infrastructural changes. Our track-control and standalone models can uniquely contribute to prospects with different needs, and a mix of both models would be ideal for practical gallery applications.

Sometimes, our dimmable solutions can fulfill galleries that don't need Tunable White features. Other times, the discussion goes beyond the track lights and calls for the adjustable recessed downlight and the rest of our Dynamic Lighting solutions when the gallery director would be forward-thinking to transform their space into multi-purpose function rooms for different events and exhibitions. The more customers we meet, the more we learn about their considerations and modify our solutions for them. This experience leads us to think of providing lighting services to customers instead of a buy-and-sell business model.