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What's Dynamic Lighting Controller?

The DZ2G300TUNE is the second product we have created from a related dynamic lighting project. DZ2G300TUNE is a 300W / 220Vac – 240Vac Dynamic Lighting Controller. Its design concept is the opposite of the DZ1G300TUNE. We have integrated dynamic lighting-related control functions, user-defined preference memory (CCT1, CCT2, and minimum brightness), and hotkey operation into a single controller to reduce significantly the complexity of installation, especially suitable for residential and office facilities.
As for controls, similar to our dual knob interface, the DZ2G300TUNE_TOGG or DZ2G300TUNE_PUSH controller supports a mechanical toggle switch and a push-button interface, respectively. The end-user can intuitively adjust the lighting effect through mechanical toggle switches, rocker switches, or push-buttons: Move the lever up to dim the light or change the color temperature of the light from warm to cool, and vice versa.
In addition, another design goal of the DZ2G300TUNE controller is to allow end-users and designers a considerable amount of space to choose their favorite faceplates to match their interior designs.
See DZ2G300TUNE_TOGG product manual for details of this controller. For details of this device applications, please see associated section.

LED Dimming

We already covered this dynamic lighting controller in the chapter on LED dimming solutions. Suppose the customer's application does not need to adjust the color temperature. In that case, the customer can use the same method to apply the controller as a 300W dimming controller in the case of a single key.
Meanwhile, in this two-way panel display kit, we can see that the two levers on the panel are independent. One of the levers is connected to the Dynamic Lighting Controller (grey controller) and the LED driver (white driver) to adjust the lighting fixtures. The dimmable LED driver at the top is a single channel constant current output LED driver that powers the linear light bar.
The other toggle switch connects to the contactor, which connects to the 12Vac electronic transformer on the LED bulb (MR16). The only reason we show the contactor here is that the switches on the wall need to connect to a high-current electrical appliance, such as a 13A single-phase electric water heater. We can see that this solution is easy to wire, and all components are easily replaceable, which makes long-term maintenance easy. Please see our New Residential and Commercial Lighting Solutions pamphlet for details.

Demo Video

Our Dynamic Lighting Controller can support LED dimming and Tunable White lighting fixture control (brightness and color temperature changes) using the same control interface. In the below video, we'd cover the relevant operations.

Demo Video

Customers who prefer a push-button type of interface can refer to this video for another controller's introduction; the SKU is DZ2G300TUNE_PUSH.