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Tunable White Linear Light Bar

Besides using high-power COBs, we offer another form of Tunable White Linear Light Bars applicable for downlighting and wall washing. The linear light bars are composed of multiple low-power Tunable White COBs and serve the same purposes of high-power Tunable White downlights. These light bars typically have a color range of 4000K - 1800K and 6500K - 2700K, with CRI 90+ color rendering. The benefit of using multiple low-power COBs is that flexibility to support different product dimensions for various needs. The LTML series covers 5W, 15W, and 25W, although further varieties can be supported. The light bars can be powered by regular dimmable LED drivers and the Dynamic Lighting control will be achieved with the support of our DZ1G300TUNE or DZ2G300TUNE controllers. As each controller supports 300W, a single or multiple linear light bars can be connected per controller.

LTML-4018-T09-1X1-15D_WT is a 5W white Tunable White LED downlight similar in size to an LED MR16 light. The color temperature range from 1800K to 4000K covers the color temperature of various common halogen lamps. In general, we recommend using multiple 5W tunable white downlights with a single controller to achieve the desired effect, a more cost-effective balance of cost and functionality.

Here, we demonstrated an interesting setup, where we connect a 5W Tunable White LED downlight (LTML-4018-T09-1X1-15D_BK) in parallel with a 7.5W SORAA® LED bulb to the same DZ2G300TUNE controller at the back. On the dual rocker switch solid aluminum alloy faceplate (LCNC-TG04-ROCK_DG), the brightness control switch controls the brightness of both Tunable White downlight and the SORAA® LED bulb, whereas the color temperature switch adjusts the color temperature of the Tunable White downlight. In other words, this demonstrates that our solution allows a dimmable and a Tunable White downlight to connect to the same live-wire. Interested customers can refer to the details of the 25W Tunable White Linear Light Bar here.