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Tunable White Track Light Effects

In our different Tunable White LED lighting applications, Tunable White Track Lights are the easiest to apply. By presenting and working with art galleries and museums, we can gain solid experiences and understand these applications, making our products closer to the actual needs.

From 2-wire and 4-wire tracks, selector switches, independent adjustment, wall washing, upgrading color temperature adjustment feature to existing dimmable track light systems, to mobile app control, our tunable white track lighting solution can be used in many different ways applications and significantly improve the availability of the whole system.

On the right, it shows the typical lighting effect of two 20W / 4000K - 1800K Tunable White Track Lights; see our Dynamic Lighting applications for more details.

Different Types of Track Light Applications

Customers can hang our high power, adjustable beam angle, tunable white light track lights on a typical two-line track in the most straightforward application. Then the user can adjust the brightness and color temperature of the track light independently through the two rotary knobs on the track light. Since no system is involved, the entire installation process is the same as installing regular track lights.

For some customers who want to use the lights for wall washing, we can provide different versions, allowing customers to adjust multiple track lights on the same track simultaneously so that they do not need to change the track lights individually.

For some customers with existing dimming rails, our solution can also significantly improve the overall usability without updating the current system. As for some customers who are inconvenient to adjust frequently due to the height of the rail or other reasons, we can modify the control to a mobile application.

In practical applications, each customer needs different. In many cases, even customers do not necessarily know the lighting effects required for the exhibition in advance. Flexibility is our key, and we have obvious advantages in developing different types of lamps, especially high-power lamps, as for the application details of other tunable white light track lights. Interested customers can inquire with us.

Demo Video

The following video demonstrates our Tunable White track light applications on four-wire rails. Besides that, our solution can be implemented differently to provide brightness and color temperature control functionality.