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Tunable LED T8 Tubes in Office

Redesign of Circadian Lighting Controller

May 26, 2023

Since introducing Circadian Lighting Controllers early this year, we have received some exciting customer feedback. Most of the feedback was about applying the concept in multiple rooms without installing a new expensive lighting control system. This led us to BMS (Building Management System) integration and connecting more peripheral devices to value-add our solution.

As a result of this validation exercise, we're glad to share a recent office meeting room installation with our redesigned DZ3G300CLM1 controller. The new controller works with local Wi-Fi, allowing users to control the Tunable White LED T8 tubes with different scenes, automate the lux level with a Daylight Harvest Sensor, and further control the Smart Glass with a single Mobile APP.

This simple design allows the meeting room to be considered part of a more extensive system for possible BMS integration. Learned from this unique installation experience, we're working on a new type of Tunable White LED Tubes control (AC, not DC based) to simplify the installation and maintenance support. This new controller is part of our new product development process. After this project, we'll organize the new ideas into various products to continue our product journey.

Interested parties, feel free to browse our Updated Circadian Lighting Solution Brochure.



Jan 3, 2023

As we continue to develop our Dynamic Lighting solutions and encounter new applications, we came up with the DZ3G600CLM1, a new 600W Circadian Lighting Controller.

Unlike the previous designs that work with manual control, the new controller works with a standard timer unit to automate Tunable White control. The controller has two operation modes. Designers / Users can instantly change the color temperatureat different periods during the day (Fixed CCT Output Mode) or gradually change the color temperature during the day, replicating the essence of circadian lighting (Circadian Lighting Output Mode). Designers / Electricians can set operation mode easily and make all the color temperature-period changes via a timer. Our demo kit used a digital timer with a mobile app, making the setting easy.

In this new design, we used the public hospital wards as a target application and examined how this solution better suits the application than our earlier hybrid control proposal. In the simplest application, users can have cool white temperature in the morning and early afternoon to boost productivity, followed by a warm white temperature in the late afternoon and evening to create a relaxed patient environment. At the same time, the nurses (operators) won’t participate in the operation, riding on the automation benefits. Since this is primarily a wired design, it would be easier to obtain the Electromagnetic Compliance product certificates.

More interestingly, the wards have a mix of dimmable and non-dimmable LED lighting fixtures, such as LED Tubes (T5 / T8) and downlights. Using the DZ3G600CLM1 controller, we can easily have non-dimmable LED Tube panels in the public areas and dimmable downlights by the bed head areas. All lighting fixtures would have the same color temperature changes consistently and automatically. The dimmable downlights can be backward compatible with our wall dimmer units (DZ3G450DIAL or DZ1G1TEN) that some hospital wards have already adopted for years. To boost our solution feasibility, we specially prepared the Tunable White LED Tube (T5 / T8) with standard bi-pin terminals.



August 1, 2022

Since 2015, we've been on the journey for LED dimming products and solutions development and marketing the products in the local market. With the addition of our Dynamic Lighting portfolio, we've enhanced our solutions to bring a practical and fun LED lighting experience to customers. Today, we're pleased that all the LED dimmers, lighting controllers, lighting fixtures, and luminaires have served their purposes to different customers in the field.

To enhance our marketing communication, we've re-developed our Website to reflect our solution diversity and easy browsing. During our website re-development, we refreshed some earlier content and focused on the applications of the new products. Customers may browse the relevant information more quickly on the newly created pages. Additionally, we can share more of the concepts and stories behind the developments, such as why we developed the Dynamic Lighting solutions and our expectations. By communicating more with different customers, we're able to understand our solutions more from customers' perspective, which essentially help us understand our solutions better! We'll continue to update our website, so customers and prospects can get a hold of our latest info.

See our Product Solutions Catalog (CN version) for an overview of our solutions.




October 29, 2021

Since our Dynamic Lighting solution development, we've been marketing our Tunable White and Dynamic Lighting Controllers and associated Tunable White lighting fixtures. Furthermore, we've been exploring the appropriate applications other than jewelry lighting for our solutions. Out of the various Tunable White lighting fixtures, we feel Tunable White Track Lights are a promising application for us.

This is because our solution allows various applications, from standalone control and wall control (adjusting the brightness and color temperature from the wall just like a wall plate), backward compatible with existing dimming tracks, to wireless integration (using a mobile application). The various possibilities represent the power of a minimum viable product that we can add other options per individual customer's need.

Since the installation, we're pleased that the gallery customer has been hosting many exhibitions and feel happy about the lights!