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Dimming: An Integral Part of LED Lighting

As LED technology continues to develop, it is becoming easier and more accessible for us to replace halogen and fluorescent lamps with LED lamps. LED lights represent several unparalleled benefits compared with traditional lighting equipment, including high lighting efficacy (lumen-per-watt), low heat consumption, and extended product life. These benefits contribute to low-cost lighting in remote areas and successfully transform the lighting industry into a green initiative.

Simultaneously, the drastic improvement in the color rendering performance of LED lamps, no infrared radiation, and easy integration into different sizes and shapes make it widely acceptable to use LEDs as light sources in high-end lighting equipment. Of course, we’d expect a transition period to switch from traditional to LED lights or even from LED light bulbs to LED spotlights.

As far as energy saving goes, the continuous improvement in the LED lights' energy efficiency means that LED lights only get brighter for the same power consumption. Suppose consumers pay attention to the lumen output (not the input power) when purchasing LED bulbs. They would find that the output lumen value of LED bulbs purchased after a while has increased again at the same or even lower input power. However, this intensified brightness level doesn't always translate into customers' benefits and may cause practical inconvenience.

We know that the trend of ever-increasing lighting efficacy of LEDs is irreversible, just like the CPU's processing speed. Typical with any technology advancement, improving a particular core technology would drive the associated technologies. In the case of LED lighting, we first saw the transition from electronic transformers to LED drivers. As the LED drivers' technologies mature, we saw the rise of dimmable LED drivers and dimmable LED luminaires. With more and more people using the Incandescent dimmer with the LED dimmable fixtures and experiencing various issues, we see the emergence of trailing-edge digital LED dimmers. Like the LED filament bulb shown here, the simple product represents the LED technology, dimmable driver technology, and dimmer technology that different LED lighting industry players developed together. So, we know the need to utilize dimmable LED luminaires to provide a suitable lighting environment will only become more assertive. In other words, as LED luminaires become brighter, the practical value of LED dimming to provide a comfortable environment becomes higher. Therefore, we believe dimming is an integral part of LED lighting applications. (Right) The dimmable LED filament bulb is being dimmed by our phase-cut dimmer.

Lighting Solutions Provider

From a macro point of view, the continuous technological improvements in lighting efficacy and color rendering of LEDs provide a platform for LED lighting solution providers to play a more critical role. The situation is similar to the mobile phone industry. As the sensors of mobile phones continue to mature and the speed of the Internet continues to increase, mobile phone application providers or IoT device providers have better opportunities to create exciting applications to make mobile phones more efficient, valuable, and attractive.

In promoting the further popularity of LED lighting, we will focus on its controllability over traditional lighting. We believe the market will move towards requiring suppliers to develop new products that bring customers an unprecedented lighting experience. Like other technology products, creativity and solutions will further drive LED lighting applications.

Since 2015, we have entered the electrical engineering and lighting markets by supplying digital LED trailing-edge phase-cut dimming modules to electricians and lighting professionals. Besides providing tunable white light track lights to galleries, we offer complete dynamic lighting solutions to internationally renowned auction houses. Our Dynamic Lighting solutions successfully captured these new applications introduced in 2019. In the past few years, we have cooperated with customers and business partners from different fields, launched various products and solutions, and transformed our business focus LED dimming product development to provide customers with comprehensive lighting and Control product mix. Today, our main business goal is to give customers a new lighting experience unavailable before with traditional light fixtures by providing dimmable, dynamic lighting LED fixtures and control solutions.

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