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Project Experience Share

In this section, we selected relevant product application topics encountered in previous projects and compiled them in various FAQ sections. We intend to share these topics with Contractors before their installations or browse quickly should they run into similar issues and look for quick solutions.

As we repeatedly stressed in various sections, we highly recommend product compatibility tests before installation. To assist the discussion, we identified two types of LED lighting-related product compatibility tests: The compatibility between LED dimmers and dimmable drivers (or lamps) and between a non-dimmable LED MR16 lamp and an electronic transformer. Furthermore, we also shared some typical issues and suggestions encountered in the past projects or we learned by communicating with other Electricians or industry insiders.

Since two-way control and minimum brightness memory are common with LED dimming, we highlighted our different solutions to common issues so that customers can better understand the most suitable solution by comparing the available options.

In addition, we also categorize the different contents of 1-10V controllers and Dynamic Lighting solutions so that customers in need can quickly browse the matters. Among the legacy products section, we covered some solutions we longer focus on, but the interested customers can learn more about our product development history. Customers can find the various product-related downloads in the Download Center for their perusal.