NAAN Restaurant, Shangri-La's RASA RIA Resort, Malaysia

It’s really exciting for Legend Tech to update that our latest LED Phase Dimmer, DZ3G450DIAL, released to market in June 2017, has recently completed two Restaurant projects in the Shangri-La's RASA RIA Resort in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

Thanks to the earlier effort to engage with SORAA®, which has updated our DZ3G450DIAL into its 17Q3 Compatibility Table (see our earlier announcement), our dimmer has been installed to dim the SORAA® MR16 professional lamps to provide a decent dining environment in the NAAN Restaurant


As we’ve encountered in our earlier F&B Lighting Design projects, the Cost-effective Color-Temperature Dimmable solution to embellish the atmosphere has quickly become a common requirement in High-end F&B Design. In this case, the PHILIPS DimTone MR16 lamps are also dimmed by DZ3G450DIAL to provide additional flavor to enhance the atmosphere in the restaurant.

The 2nd restaurant that we've completed in the RASA RIA Resort is opening in Dec 2017. Stay tuned for our further update!

Cost-Effective Dimming for Brightness Control and Color-Temperature Changing is becoming a Design Requirement for High-end F&B Design:


Dimming Effects @ Various Locations in the NAAN Restaurant, in the Shangri-La's RASA RIA Resort, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia:


DZ3G450DIAL, our LED Phase Dimmers have been installed for various Lighting Effects ranging from Brightness Control to Changing Color-Temperature to Embellish the Dining Atmosphere: