LDCP-ROTA-2G_BK, Black LED Dimmer Switches

Just before the CNY, let's recap the status of our 450W LED Dimmer Switch. The LDCP-ROTA-2G_BK is our LED dimmer switch pre-assembled with a DZ3G450DIAL dimmer module on our black solid aluminum alloy faceplate. While the LED dimmer modules (DZ3G450DIAL) ...

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Updated Product Summary Brochure

In this round of our Product Summary Brochure, we've updated the coming Solid White Alloy Faceplate and project photo of our Tunable White Track Lights. Updated Product Summary Brochure: EN / CN In the meanwhile, we have been presenting our...

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New Product Developments Update

After our art gallery project completion with our Tunable White Track Lights to catch its grand opening in the new location and its latest exhibition event, we continued our journey to meet more galleries.   We're delighted to meet another gallery cu...

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Tunable White Track Light – Gallery Application & More

This brochure introduces the Tunable White Track Light (LTAC series) and Halogen Replacement Track Light (LHRT series) for customers in Art Restoration, Gallery and Museum, and Luxury Collectable industries. Our Tunable White Track Lights have integrated...

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