Black and Silver LED Dimmer Switches on Aluminum Alloy Faceplate

Early this year, we've been busy working on enhancing our phase dimmer firmware and solving the supply issue of our dimmer units. Now it's super exciting for us to share the Black and Silver solid aluminum alloy faceplates that we completed for our dimmer modules!

Since we launched the Dark Grey alloy faceplates to complement our dimmer units earlier this year, we've received much helpful customer feedback. Customers are pretty positive with our dimmer switches on solid aluminum alloy faceplates! 

We want our customers to feel the tremendous upgrade of the dimmer switches. Based on customers’ feedback, we made a minor change to our faceplate design so that our modules can be mounted horizontally or vertically, giving customers further flexibility.


Above is our LDCP-ROTA-2G_BK, which has been pre-assembled with our DZ3G450DIAL (Gen 5) on a black solid aluminum alloy faceplate (horizontally mounted).


Above is our LDCP-1TEN-2G_SV, which has been pre-assembled with our DZ1G1TEN on a silver solid aluminum alloy faceplate (vertically mounted).
Based on the DZ3G450DIAL (Gen 5) and DZ1G1TEN, the LCNC-ROTA-2G_BK is the LED dimmer switch on black solid aluminum alloy faceplate and the LCNC-1TEN-2G_SV is the 1-10V controller switch on silver solid aluminum alloy faceplate, respectively. Of course, customers can choose different combinations for their needs or continue to purchase our dimmer modules and standard plastic faceplates for their projects. We hope that we can try more faceplate designs and colors to enhance our product selection to customers.

Last, but not least. as one of our Dynamic Lighting solutions (DZ1G300TUNE) can use a dual rotary button interface faceplate, these newly added solid aluminum alloy faceplates are equally applicable to give a strong lift to the solution in terms of premium quality lighting control for the overall Tunable White lighting design!