LED Control Product Brief Brochure (Q4 '21)

In this round of our brochure update, we organized the latest product offerings together with what we've completed various projects with earlier this year to present the portfolio and different applications comprehensively. Brochure for Download: EN and CN version. Customers and prospects may also find this quick summary useful to understand the different types of LED lighting products we now offer: EN version.

As the brochure serves as a summary of our updated product offerings, interested parties are recommended to review our application brochures for more details regarding specific applications of products mentioned in our Product Brief.

Application Brochures
  • Jewelry Lighting (EN / CN)
  • New Residential and Office Lighting Applications (EN / CN)
  • LED Dimming Solutions with Solid Aluminum Alloy Faceplates (EN / CN)
  • Dynamic Lighting Implementation in Public Facilities (EN / CN
  • Tunable White Track Light Applications (EN / CN)

Summary of Our
  • Tunable White Controller (EN / CN)
  • Dynamic Lighting Controller (EN / CN)

As we continued to work on our dimmer product cosmetics improvement, the feedback of our Tunable White Track Lights is also positive and we shall be sharing our new project installation in an art gallery soon!