Tunable White Track Lights in Gallery

Thanks to the opportunity from Ben Brown Fine Arts (Hong Kong), our Tunable White Track Lights had been successfully adopted in one of the international art galleries. The track installation works by the Electricians were executed quickly once after explaining to them that our Tunable White Track Lights work on regular single-circuit tracks available in the market. The product introduction, field evaluation, and installation in the new gallery location were very smooth.
Being able to assist customers in installing and adjusting our Tunable White Track Lights and using the products for artwork display is fun and valuable. Product concept creation, development, production, installation, and application of our products is an essential element in the product development cycle; however, not all products have the complete cycle work-through.
When dealing with new tools, communication and work-through with customers are essential. During the lighting setup process, it's interesting to discuss with the Gallery Manager and her team to explore the lighting effects suitable for different artwork, paintings, visual display monitors, etc. From this experience, we also feel the real benefits of our products to customers and understand more about the different considerations from the customer's perspective.

During the setup, we were delighted with the CRI measurements (Ra 98, R9 90). At the end of the installation in the private viewing room, “Thank you, and it looks very nice!” is always great to hear!

Photo credits: Ben Brown Fine Arts (Hong Kong)

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