New Product Developments Update

After our art gallery project completion with our Tunable White Track Lights to catch its grand opening in the new location and its latest exhibition event, we continued our journey to meet more galleries.
We're delighted to meet another gallery customer who is very hands-on with its lighting design to share their experience and requirements. Besides the 30W adjustable beam angle version (below left, LTAC-4018-T22-ADJ_1CT_WT) and the fixed beam angle version (15 / 24 / 38 / 60D) (below right, LTAC-4018-T22-38D_1CT_WT) that we've already developed, we're working on a new Tunable White track light model.

As we became more experienced in the color mixing LED chips, we focus on the optical design to come up with more offerings for different applications to expand our Tunable White technology adoption. We're looking forward to the feedback of the coming design with the gallery customer! 

It's also important to mention that besides the standalone models (with dual rotary knobs), we also have our track-control models (that work on three-circuit tracks). Interestingly, we find that gallery lighting may utilize both types of our tunable white track lights to deliver an easy solution of having consistent color temperature for wall washing and different color temperature at arbitrary locations. This mix of models can be a more straightforward solution than the “bypass solution” that we originally proposed.
At the same time, we've come up with dimmable track lights with Ra > 90 to provide a comprehensive solution to customers; below shows our 22W 3000K (Ra 95) (LHRT-3095-X14-22W-55D_WT) and 12W 3000K (Ra 95) (LHRT-3095-X09-12W-24D_WT) dimmable track lights; it's easy to see the difference between Tunable White and Dimmable track lights just by looking at the LED chips.

(Below) Furthermore, the feedback of our coming white alloy faceplate is quite positive, which we're looking at product availability in late Feb 2022. We will post more updates once available. Our white alloy faceplate LED dimmer is controlling a 30W recessed downlight with Ra > 90 at 5000K (6”cut-hole)).