LDCP-ROTA-2G_BK, Black LED Dimmer Switches

Just before the CNY, let's recap the status of our 450W LED Dimmer Switch. The LDCP-ROTA-2G_BK is our LED dimmer switch pre-assembled with a DZ3G450DIAL dimmer module on our black solid aluminum alloy faceplate.

While the LED dimmer modules (DZ3G450DIAL) represent our solution for public facility and F&B applications, the LED dimming controllers with our momentary switch interface (DZ2G300TUNE_TOGG) represent our custom faceplate solutions. Thus, the LED dimmer switches represent our intermediate solution (premium alloy faceplates with standard LED dimmer module), and our third type of LED dimming control targets residential and commercial applications.

So far, we're glad that the feedback on our black LED dimmer switch and white alloy faceplate samples (4-gang white alloy faceplate sample with DZ3G450DIAL and DZ1G1TEN shown here) from lighting suppliers and E&M partners are encouraging. And we'll start working on the white aluminum alloy faceplates after the holiday. More interestingly, we'll also look into other types of On/Off switches to provide LED dimmer switches with more color offers.

Last but not least, we've also kicked off the website re-design process that can support our much-expanded product portfolio since 2019.