When Innovation meets Modern Arts

It’s always great to receive positive feedback from customers after they have used our products for a while. Since installing the Tunable White Track Lights last year, we’re pleased that the art gallery found good use of our products for its various exhibitions. From the Tunable White Controller development, track light application selection, and lighting fixture development to the commission in the gallery, we were involved in the Tunable White Track Light project end-to-end. It’s genuinely sensational to witness innovation meets modern arts, and the final results paid off!
As of today, we can penetrate the gallery lighting supply chain and offer our creativity to art galleries. By incorporating different gallery customers’ inputs, we came up with other lighting design and control types that the production team members find most useful. It’s not always easy to balance freedom-to-change and consistency in the changes. However, as we continue working with these gallery prospects, we can understand their everyday needs and provide them with the design that incorporates their inputs.
Below is the use of our Tunable White Track Lights in the Contemporary Arts Gallery for its current Ghosts of Empires exhibition (March 22 – May 14, 2022). Please refer to the brochure and the gallery's website.