Nathan Road 238 Job Reference Share

Located on the busy Nathan Road of Hong Kong, the Nathan Road 238 Building has been completed for over 18 years and is a landmark in Jordon. Being able to participate in this project and to work with different suppliers from domestic to import has marked our progress in local market development. All the lighting fixtures on the main floor are dimmable and dimming control by DIMEZE™! This is an exciting project for Legend Tech to participate as it features both of DIMEZE™ Phase Dimmer and 1-10V dimming control devices

From the early design stage, the landlord decided not to use any advanced dimming systems for this project, which calls upon the stand alone or discrete dimmers for the application. In the main lobby and the atrium, DIMEZE™ devices (DZ2G450DIAL, 450W Digital LED Phase Dimmer & DZ1G1TEN, 1-10V Controller with Min-Trim Option) are used to control different LED dimmable fixtures, ranging from pendant (shown immediately below), downlight and spot lights to different LED drivers either featuring phase dimming (or TRIAC dimming) or the 1-10V DC Control.

For the high power 12V LED strip light dimming application in the Main Lobby, Legend Tech is pleased to recommend the Best-In-Class Mean Well HLG series (320W, 600W), which serves as the workhorse. By utilizing the highly capable devices, the wiring is largely simplified for future maintenance support.

Being able to take care of the high power consumption on Indirect Lighting, the 1-10V dimming control can really save the power usage for the Indirect Lighting according to the needs, which helps achieve higher efficiency in green lighting. The dimming for ceiling light, which is made of 12V LED strips in the Main Lobby, is realized only by several DZ1G1TEN with the Mean Well HLG devices. 


In this project, DIMEZE™ devices work with Mean Well, HEP, AcTEC, & LTSYS for their various dimmable driver models and other dimmable lighting fixtures from Zodiac Lighting.