Legend Tech Phase Dimming Kit-Set Now Updated into SORAA® Compatibility 17Q3 Table

[ Update, Sept 16, 2019 ]


Legend Tech is pleased to announce that our Gen 3 LED Phase Dimmer DIMEZE™  DZ3G450DIAL and the two Selectable Constant Current Dimmable Driver models, MP_18W/350mA & MP_28W/700mA for our business partner, IDP Power Technology, had been updated into SORAA®’s Compatibility Table (17Q3)

With this recognition in place, an End-to-End SORAA® Phase Dimming Solution to cover SORAA® Professional Lamps and Light Engines are now available. The Lighting Professionals would save the time to focus on designing the lighting effects, rather than spending their time evaluating different products to get the desired dimming effects.
For information on our Kit-Set,

All above materials can be found in our SUPPORT / Download Legend Tech DIMEZE™ Materials section.