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What's Dynamic Lighting?

Dynamic Lighting is about the freedom to adjust the brightness intensity and color temperature of a Tunable White LED fixture or luminaire, which results in the most suitable lighting atmosphere for a particular purpose in the space or unique lighting effect for a specific need. As Tunable White applications primarily concern the warm white, neutral white to cool white color temperature ranges, mostly encountered during the day, some refer to the applications as Human Centric Lighting or Circadian Lighting. Since we focus on commercial applications of the technology, we prefer to keep the term Dynamic Lighting. Interested customers can refer to our Product Solutions Catalog to understand further.

Our Solutions vs. Warm Dimming

Warm dimming is to adjust the color temperature of a LED light using a phase dimmer, the same as a regular dimming application. It’s a simple method to change the color temperature of a LED light.

We can see the color temperature changes to warm white (almost orange) as we dim the light, whereas the color temperature changes to neutral white as we adjust the brightness upward.

In contrast with Warm Dimming (aka Dim-to-Warm), Dynamic Lighting control allows adjusting the brightness intensity without sacrificing the color temperature control. Users can change the color temperature without losing brightness control simultaneously or vice versa. This unprecedented controllability is another great benefit of LED lighting adoption besides lighting efficacy and provides tremendous new opportunities in many different areas. When we graphically put the two types of lighting controls, we can see their differences much more quickly.

Our Solutions vs. Professional Systems

While the benefits of Dynamic Lighting are apparent, the industry has been using dedicated digital lighting control (e.g., DALI, DALI-2, etc.) and unique luminaires for implementation. The cross-compatibility of different devices, average device costs, installation, setup, and operation complexities limit the applications to a small group of lighting professionals and block broader applications of the technology.

After a few years of use, customers often find the existing models are no longer supported and need to search for new solutions. Therefore, when it decides to use a lighting system, customers should pay attention to the long-term maintenance support additional to project budgets.

On the contrary, we developed two controllers based on phase-dimming and 0-10V technologies for Dynamic Lighting control. The key differentiator of our solution is that we can use a single-channel dimmable LED driver to control the Tunable White LED fixtures, making it most suitable for miniature applications.

The top right shows some of the control approaches for our Tunable White Controller (DZ1G300TUNE). Besides controlling the brightness and color temperature directly from the wall plate, users can also use mobile applications to control. For further info on this solution, please refer to relevant section.

The bottom right shows our Dynamic Lighting Controller (DZ2G300TUNE) with our aluminum alloy faceplate solution. Customers can recognize the dimmable LED MR16 bulb next to the Tunable White Light Fixture. In other words, our solutions can dim both types of light fixtures on the same line; of course, only Tunable light would show color temperature changes.

Our Dynamic Lighting Solutions

Tunable White LED Fixtures require the simultaneous control of a pair of cool white and warm white LED strings. Control of the LED’s brightness and color temperature requires a slightly more complicated control method than dimming. Our solution consists of two types of lighting controllers designed for different purposes.

DZ1G300TUNE is a 300W tunable white light controller responsible for the color temperature adjustment of tunable white light fixtures. It works with other dimming products to complete the function of dynamic lighting. In other words, the design goal of this controller is to upgrade the lamps in an existing dimming system to provide both dimmable and tunable features, thereby significantly improving the usability of the whole system. Using this controller with different external products, we can develop other user interfaces and user experiences.

DZ2G300TUNE is a 300W dynamic lighting controller. Its primary function is to provide a control interface, allowing end-users to control the brightness and color temperature of Tunable White light fixtures. Furthermore, users can control the lights and set preference memories by using a pair of mechanical switches. Besides that, customers can also use this controller as a LED phase dimmer, which gives another dimming control method other than the standard dimmer.

Besides the controllers, we also come up with our faceplates and several Tunable White LED Fixtures to support customers’ applications. Among these lighting fixtures, the Tunable White track lights is the most straightforward application to provide a whole new lighting experience to customers.